SyntheSys releases new BERTScope 26-Gbps analyzer and clock recovery

OCTOBER 30, 2009 -- SyntheSys Research Inc. announces the availability of two new products to enable the 100-Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) market.

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OCTOBER 30, 2009 -- SyntheSys Research Inc. announces the availability of two new products to enable the 100-Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE) market. Building on the BERTScope physical layer generator and bit-error-rate (BER) analyzer, the new 25000 models enable semiconductor, transceiver, and system engineers to stimulate and analyze performance of critical 25.78125-Gbps Ethernet and OIF CEI building blocks. The companion to this new BERTScope is the new CR25000A clock recovery instrument with equalization .

Pennwell web 250 190100-Gigabit Ethernet developments are running behind user demand for bandwidth. To accelerate deployment, engineers need to validate designs to the still-emerging Ethernet and Common Electrical I/O (CEI, from the Optical Internetworking Forum) parameters. Electrical performance, particularly jitter, is critical. SyntheSys Research says its new BERTScope provides flexible jitter tolerance testing of receivers to 26 Gbps, going beyond compliance to give insight into performance limits and design troubleshooting. With optional Jitter Map capability, it can provide in-depth analysis of transmitter jitter, including deterministic jitter subcomponents and triangulation on long compliance patterns such as pseudorandom binary sequence PRBS-31.

Many test engineers that need to make physical layer measurements also need clock recovery, either because they have no clock available, or they need to make measurements with compliant loop bandwidths. According to the company, the BERTScope CR 25000A fulfills these needs with all the flexibility in loop bandwidth and peaking that engineers require, to 26 Gbps. At speeds greater than10 Gbps, circuit board materials can cause appreciable distortion to transmitted bits due to frequency-dependent loss. The CR25000A includes a linear equalizer applying to the clock recovery circuit to allow successful lock even on distorted eye diagrams that are closed from such effects. The level of equalization may be varied by the user to allow for a wide range of intersymbol interference (ISI).

The BERTScope 25000 is available in two models -- the BERTScope Si 25000C with stressed eye generation and the BERTScope 25000A without. The BERTScope CR 25000 is also available in two models -- one with a data through path usable to 12.5 Gbps (CR25000A), the other with a direct input for higher-sensitivity applications (CR HS 25000A).

The equipment is available 8 weeks ARO.

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