Interface Masters Technologies offers 10G aggregation TAP

JULY 17, 2009 -- The Niagara 3212 is able to monitor 10-Gigabit networks using multiple configurations.

JULY 17, 2009 -- Bypass and TAP networking vendor Interface Masters Technologies is offering a 10-Gigabit TAP system capable of fully monitoring the network at 10GbE speeds. The Niagara 3212 can support multiple TAP methodologies and configurations as well as multimode fiber and singlemode fiber media. The system architecture is designed for flexibility, says the company, enabling it to operate in modes including aggregation, packet injection, and multiple port monitoring. It supports a full suite of secure management including industry-standard management and logging tools.

Niagara 3212 supports flexible TAP and link aggregation options that provide network managers, IT managers, and operators high visibility into network performance and network traffic content. TAP features include two main options, Split TAP Mode and Split TAP Link Aggregation Mode. Each TAP option can be configured to allow packet injection from the monitoring appliances. The system is designed to be upgraded to support traffic filtering in Layers 2, 3, and 4.

The Niagara 3212 10GbE TAP and link aggregation TAP is managed by a 64-bit MIPS controller that supports various control and management capabilities. The system provides CLI and GUI management features such as secure web UI via an HTTPS connection, secure shell (SSH), SNMP, e-mail notification for special events, and TAP method configuration. An authentication client capable of interfacing with authentication servers such as TACACS+ is integrated into the system. The system possesses Syslog support, enabling consolidation of log data from various systems into a central repository. This feature provides management, traceability, and security auditing across a wide variety of devices and receivers on multiple platforms. The management includes a simple local or remote upgrade feature that allows software upgrade and update.

"The Niagara 3212 aggregation TAP system is a powerful and leading-edge first offering to the new 10Gb passive TAP and aggregation TAP family, which is based on proven technologies," says Ben Askarinam, founder and chief executive officer of Interface Masters Technologies. "The Niagara 3212 system will soon feature filtering and forwarding capabilities to support the most sophisticated demands of IT managers and operators. Additionally, with dual and quad segment offerings to be released shortly featuring 'one to many,' 'many to one,' and 'any to any' configuration options, the 32xx family will possess unprecedented flexibility and reliability in monitoring 10-Gigabit traffic."

Niagara 3212 features that support today's data centers include:

  • packet injection capabilities
  • high availability failover capabilities
  • 10GbE multimode (SR) and singlemode (LR) support
  • redundant power supplies for reliability
  • dedicated management port and console port
  • extensive CLI and WEB based management
  • Full RoHS compliance
  • UL, CE, and FCC certifications
  • NTP and Time Zone

The Niagara 3212 system is designed for network monitoring appliances. The product is available for evaluation and will be in production in August 2009.

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