JDSU adds J-Proof testing to T-BERD/MTS

MAY 27, 2009 -- The company's field tester has been enhanced to verify Ethernet control message forwarding, enabling carrier-grade QoS and SLAs across third-party networks.

MAY 27, 2009 -- JDSU (search Lightwave for JDSU) has announced J-Proof testing for its T-BERD/MTS transport network test products, the T-BERD/MTS-6000A Multi-Services Application Module and T-BERD/MTS-8000 Transport Module. With J-Proof testing, says JDSU, carriers can ensure quick turn-up of carrier-grade Ethernet circuits with quality of service (QoS) and service-level agreements (SLAs) in environments that employ third-party networks.

Designed for technicians who troubleshoot and turn up end-to-end Ethernet circuits, J-Proof testing verifies transparent forwarding of Ethernet frames over switched Ethernet networks. When Ethernet passes over switched Ethernet networks, improperly configured network elements (routers, switches, etc.) can filter or even drop critical network transmissions, causing hours of troubleshooting and turn-up delays. Delays are further complicated when they occur over third-party networks; by using J-Proof, says JDSU, carriers can test to ensure that their Ethernet traffic passes through networks end-to-end -- including third-party networks -- and that they do not have to build their networks from scratch.

"To make Ethernet carrier-grade, Ethernet control plane messages must be reliably exchanged between all equipment regardless of where on the circuit the equipment is located," says Jim Nerschook, vice president and general manager in JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment.

Features in the J-proof test option include Ethernet frame transparency testing over VLAN and Q-in-Q; VLAN Priority setting to ensure control messages do not time out or get dropped; Cisco Proprietary Protocol Test to verify commonly used Cisco VTP and CDP end-to-end; and GARP and STP tests that confirms registration and topology protocols. A user interface with both easy Pass/Fail and granular results helps technicians evaluate test results as well as troubleshoot problems.

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