JDSU announces two new products, contract award

OCTOBER 24, 2006 -- JDSU has added IPTV transport stream monitoring to its QT-600 Ethernet and triple-play probe and new QoS software to its QT-50 VoIP tester. AboveNet, meanwhile, has selected the company's T-BERD/MTS-8000 platforms to ensure the reliable delivery its high-bandwidth 10-Gigabit Ethernet services.

OCTOBER 24, 2006 -- JDSU (search JDSU) today made two new product announcements and shared details of a new contract with AboveNet.

JDSU adds IPTV QoS to NetComplete service assurance platform

The new IPTV transport stream monitoring capability of the QT-600 Ethernet and triple-play probe, makes it the only tester on the market to address QoS from the headend into the home, claim company representatives.

The QT-600 IPTV transport stream monitoring capability--which can track more than 500 streams--enables service providers to ensure accurate signaling and quality viewing. As IPTV content travels through the content delivery chain, the QT-600 now helps providers catch and resolve impairments that can be introduced anywhere along that chain, all of which pose a threat to the end user's IPTV quality of viewing experience.

According to JDSU, the ability to monitor several hundred transport streams simultaneously also enables the QT-600 to measure and calculate key IPTV quality indicators that enable service providers to proactively detect quality degradations before impacting the level of service to the customer.

"Service providers worldwide are deploying IPTV to retain and attract new customers with a compelling package of triple-play services," notes John Govert, vice president and general manager of JDSU's Service Assurance Solutions Business Unit. "The QT-600 meets the crucial need to ensure error-free transport for IP-based broadband services."

JDSU launches new QoS software for business-based VoIP deployments

Part of JDSU's NetComplete Service Assurance VoIP portfolio, the QT-50 ensures business-class QoS for providers supporting the large-scale transition of their business customers to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. The QT-50 equips providers with the ability to proactively monitor and troubleshoot issues and evaluate metrics that can affect voice quality--such as mean opinion score (MOS), R-factor, jitter, packet loss, and packet statistics--by simulating the IP call experience as if at the customer premise, claim company representatives.

The QT-50 works with JDSU's operations support systems (OSS), called NetAnalyst and NetOptimize, to deliver both on-demand testing and performance management capabilities. It places and receives active test calls between other software agents and JDSU QT probes (such as the QT-600 Ethernet and triple-play probe) deployed across a provider's network. By creating meshes of synthetic VoIP calls throughout the network, it proactively identifies potential degradations end-to-end (i.e., between hundreds of office buildings)
for continuous and active monitoring of VoIP quality, JDSU representatives explain. The measurements and reports generated by the QT-50 provide the key QoS metrics needed to instill confidence that call signal and voice clarity are of an exceptional level and meet customer expectations.

JDSU reports that a major North American service provider has selected the QT-50 to support a VoIP deployment contract currently underway, supporting one of its major business customer's transition to VoIP across hundreds of remote offices.

AboveNet selects JDSU to provide 10-Gigabit Ethernet testers

AboveNet Inc., provider of fiber-based connectivity services for businesses and carriers, has purchased JDSU's Transport Module for its T-BERD/MTS-8000 platforms to ensure the reliable delivery of high-bandwidth 10-GbE services. An important complement to the existing T-BERD/MTS-8000 product line, the Transport Module supports Ethernet and SONET/SDH testing in one of the industry's most innovative test offerings, claim JDSU representatives.

The Transport Module will enable AboveNet, which owns and operates fiber-optic networks in major metropolitan areas, to efficiently deploy its 10-GbE services. The lightweight module (less than 15 pounds/seven kilograms) also will help AboveNet test its customers' 10-GbE links and integrate them with other services and providers as needed.

"JDSU demonstrated a best-in-breed 10-GbE test platform that not only meets today's demands, but can also grow with our future needs," explains Doug Jendras, senior vice president of operations for AboveNet. "In addition, AboveNet prides itself on providing outstanding customer service. To help meet that challenge, JDSU is also providing superior on-site and local support and training for AboveNet and its customers."

JDSU recently enhanced the Transport Module to support simultaneous multi-circuit testing; next-generation networks based on Q-in-Q (also known as VLAN stacking); VPLS and MPLS technologies; and 1-/2-Gbit Fibre Channel (FC) field-test applications. The Transport module offers what JDSU claims is the only all-in-one tester for SONET, SDH, PDH, T-carrier, Ethernet/IP, FC, and MPLS networks and includes packet jitter. The product is designed to meet the needs of operators deploying and maintaining transport and data services, as well as metro network elements.

"Enterprises are rapidly scaling their networks to 10-GbE performance levels, and AboveNet is a provider that is meeting and exceeding the bandwidth demands of its customers worldwide," adds Jerry Gentile, general manager of JDSU's Telecommunication Field Services (TFS) Communications Test and Measurement Group. "Our Transport Module enables the rapid and cost-effective deployment of this new technology, and we look forward to working with AboveNet to ensure
the flexibility and continued innovation of its industry-leading services," he says.

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