Anritsu intros four-channel jitter tolerance tester

Aug. 9, 2007
AUGUST 9, 2007 -- Anritsu's MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer now features accurate jitter tolerance measurements of multi-channel boards and optical devices.

AUGUST 9, 2007 -- Anritsu Company (search for Anritsu) has introduced the MU181000B 12.5-GHz four-port synthesizer, MU181000A/B-001 Jitter Modulation Option, and MX180005A Jitter Application Software for its MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer series. The new options allow the MP1800A series to conduct highly accurate jitter tolerance measurements on devices with up to four channels, such as multi-channel CPU boards, PC boards, and optical devices forming interconnects in routers, servers, and super computers, says the company.

According to Anritsu, connection compatibility tests for ports, backplanes, and optical devices used in communications equipment interconnects are done in one quarter the time with the MP1800A, when it's configured with the new options. Skew, crosstalk, and emphasis can be measured along with jitter tolerance, making the MP1800A series a low-cost, compact, easy-to-use, efficient test system for verifying connection compatibility, note company representatives.

Jitter up to 80 MHz can be added with the MP1800A, allowing jitter tolerance measurements to be in compliance with nearly all industry standards, including ITU-T, ANSI, IEEE, XFI, and EI. Calibration is not required for every measurement because the jitter function is pre-calibrated to reduce measurement time.

Inputting a PRBS signal to the MU181000A/B-001 permits CEI-compliant jitter patterns to be generated. Since the jitter is created via modulation signals, such as a sine-wave or sawtooth, Random Jitter (RJ) also can be generated for comprehensive jitter tolerance measurements, says Anritsu. The MU181000B four-port synthesizer can perform simultaneous measurements of up to four channels, eliminating the jitter tolerance measurement bottleneck traditionally found on production lines.

The MX180005A Jitter Application Software has a jitter tolerance function for measuring the jitter tolerance margin. It also has a standards-compliant jitter sweep function that supports configuration of an automatic measurement system by selecting tests matching the application and greatly shortening measurement times. Additionally, the jitter tolerance Go/No-Go evaluation functions of the MX180005A help reduce measurement times on production lines, says the company.

The MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzers series measures optical transceivers and devices up to 12.5 Gbits/sec. In addition, using two MP1800A instruments as Mux/Demux and synthesizer combination supports bit error rate (BER) tests up to 50 Gbits/sec. As a result of the modular design, optional plug-in units matching the application can be installed in five slots in the main frame for easy configuration of a measurement solution customized for any need, say Anritsu representatives.

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The MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzers series measures optical transceivers and devices up to 12.5 Gbits/sec.