Aegis Lightwave intros carrier-grade optical layer monitor

JUNE 1, 2007 -- The OLM 8000 is 1-RU high and comes with four or eight ports, each capable of monitoring up to 80 DWDM channels on 200-, 100-, or 50-GHz spacing, say Aegis Lightwave representatives.

JUNE 1, 2007 -- Aegis Lightwave (search for Aegis Lightwave) has launched its new Centurion OLM 8000, a standalone and NEBS-compliant optical layer monitor for cable operators and telecom service providers. The OLM 8000 is designed specifically for remote management of passive DWDM systems and will be on exhibit at NXTComm 2007 in Booth 1945, complete with a live demonstration, say company representatives.

Aegis Lightwave says the OLM 8000 is the most cost-effective option for turning DWDM passives, while in service, into actively managed network elements--and it can be implemented to avoid complex forklift upgrades to DWDM actives. The OLM 8000 gives operators the DWDM channel visibility needed to effectively manage and scale their passive DWDM networks while they continue to deploy the simple, low-cost, reliable DWDM passives of their choice, claim company representatives.

The OLM 8000 adds a management layer to DWDM passives and provides demarcation at all-optical wavelength handoff locations. It also provides critical performance monitoring at the physical layer where necessary, such as in converged IP-over-DWDM or Ethernet-over-optical networks. According to the company, the OLM 8000 proves-in for cost-sensitive applications such as monitoring "narrowcast" DWDM wavelengths that carry voice, data, and video-on-demand services in cable operators' access networks. The OLM 8000 is ideal to retrofit the large embedded base of DWDM passive multiplexers and demultiplexers as well as standalone optical amplifiers, says the company. It can be implemented in-service by simply connecting an optical monitoring port on the OLM 8000 to any existing optical test point along a DWDM span, without disturbing the optical transmission line.

"The integration with carriers' network management systems has been seamless, and field trials have been a resounding success," reports Mark Lourie, vice president of marketing at Aegis Lightwave. "Our low-cost optical channel monitor engine enables us to tap into a pent-up demand for affordable remote management of DWDM passives."

The OLM 8000 is 1-RU high and comes with four or eight ports, each capable of monitoring up to 80 DWDM channels on 200-, 100-, or 50-GHz spacing. The OLM 8000 continuously collects seven days' worth of DWDM channel statistics that can be remotely accessed across a wide area network (WAN) and can be downloaded to an operator's centralized database, says the company. The system generates SNMP TRAPS and transmits them over the WAN to a network management system, should the optical link degrade beyond the user-configurable threshold crossing alerts (TCA). The system can be managed through an HTTP graphical user interface (GUI) to provision channels, perform maintenance, or view statistics. Aegis confirms that the OLM 8000 is NEBS, UL, and FCC Class 15 compliant.

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