QuikCycle application servers accelerate test automation

APRIL 18, 2007 -- AutoLab and AutoLab AT automate manual steps in the pre-production testing lifecycle for networks and network-related equipment.

APRIL 18, 2007 -- QuikCycle Inc. (search for QuikCycle) has unveiled the latest versions of its offerings pre-configured for ease of installation using QuikCycle's new, advanced application servers. The new versions, named AutoLab and AutoLab AT, automate manual steps in the pre-production testing lifecycle for networks and network-related equipment. Through automated testing, service providers or network equipment manufacturers can accelerate time-to-market for new services or products.

QuikCycle claims to provide the only software offering that enables fully integrated support at each step in the test lifecycle. Designed for flexibility based on customer requirements, its new application server products allow testing organizations a choice of which steps they wish to automate.

For example, QuikCycle AutoLab can be installed to meet requirements for device inventory control, configuration management, scheduling of resources, and connectivity management. In contrast, QuikCycle AutoLab AT provides all the benefits of AutoLab combined with the added ability to support test planning, development, execution, archiving, and reporting using a common database. Working together, the applications provide a complete, automated platform for 24-hour, lights-out testing from anywhere in the world, according to the company. AutoLab and AutoLab AT are available on the latest generation of Linux and Solaris servers fully preconfigured for ease of deployment, and include an Oracle database.

"Triple-play and, now, quad-play services are driving intense competition for customer acquisition among service providers. New products are being launched at a record clip and service providers have to get it right coming out of the gate," observed Vanessa Alvarez, associate analyst at the Yankee Group. "But with this opportunity for new revenue comes the challenge of delivering a great customer experience from the start. By adding automation to the pre-production testing of networks and network-related equipment, providers can accelerate their time to market, while helping ensure that the 'Anywhere Consumer' enjoys the benefits of being seamlessly connected to a reliable network carrying the services they demand."

"All QuikCycle product development is customer-driven. Providing our users with easy access to the benefits of lab automation and test management is essential to their success," said Nariman Teymourian, QuikCycle chairman and CEO. "Our new advanced application server offerings are designed with that goal in mind."

QuikCycle AutoLab and AutoLab AT advanced applications servers are now generally available for purchase.

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