IXIA unveils high-density GbE module

MAY 2, 2007 -- According to Ixia representatives, a single Optixia XM12 chassis fully populated with XMV16 modules provides 192 GbE test ports in ten units of rack space.

MAY 2, 2007 -- Ixia (search for Ixia) today unveiled its new XMV16 LAN Services Module, which the company claims provides the highest Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port density available. By combining the ability to test router and switch performance (layer 2-3) and triple-play subscriber experience (layer 4-7), the XMV16 allows customers to perform more testing in less space and in less time while offering the highest performance to price ratio in the industry, says the company.

Leveraging Ixia's IP test applications IxLoad and IxNetwork, the new XMV16 LAN Services Module offers unprecedented performance for complete Layer 2-7 network and application testing functionality in a single Optixia XM (search for Optixia XM) test system, claim Ixia representatives. The architecture provides improved performance and flexibility for testing routers, switches, broadband and wireless access devices, web servers, video servers, secure gateways, firewalls, and many other networking and application-aware devices that are required to scale advanced triple-play networks. According to the company, service providers and system vendors now can transmit billions of flows while tracking up to one million of them simultaneously with the ability to perform wire-speed data capture and measure network and application performance metrics.

The XMV16 module provides auto-negotiable 10/100/1000-Mbit/sec Ethernet over copper as well as GbE over fiber. Each of the module's 16 test ports supports wire-speed Layer 2-3 traffic generation and analysis, high performance routing/bridging protocol emulation, and the industry's highest performing Layer 4-7 application traffic generation and subscriber emulation, says Ixia. A single Optixia XM12 chassis fully populated with XMV16 modules provides 192 GbE test ports in ten units of rack space. The XMV16 can generate over 240,000 HTTP connections per second (nearly 3,000,000 per chassis) with application layer throughput of 16 Gbits/sec for a single load module (192 Gbits/sec per chassis).

"There is a vital need for testing solutions to achieve higher performance, greater density and the ability to perform more sophisticated tests to keep up with increasingly advanced network elements and devices that are transporting video, voice, and data," explains Victor Alston, senior vice president of product development at Ixia. "The XMV16 LAN Services Module combined with Ixia's XM12 Chassis, IxLoad and IxNetwork, keeps Ixia ahead of the curve and fills that vital need," he asserts.

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