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The Model 414 bus-to-bus adapter is for applications requiring VMEbus-to-VMEbus connectivity, high bandwidth, and long-distance chassis separation. The system supports chassis separation up to 500 m and concurrent independent processing. The adapter's Controller Mode DMA engine moves data between the two VMEbus systems at sustained data rates up to 35 Mbytes/sec. The device's register set is compatible with the manufacturer's Model 413-1 register set for plug-and-play migration. SBS Technologies Inc.St. Paul, MNTh 0699lwe02c

These flange-mount fiber-optic links are for 70- or 140-MHz intermediate frequency 2-km applications and can be used in a variety of satellite signal applications. The links are available for less than $1000. Ortel Corp. Alhambra, CA


The DSC-R40X photoreceivers have bandwidth of up to 14 GHz, voltage gains up to 1000 V/W, single- and dual-bias voltage models, power gains up to 30 dB, and pigtailed backreflection lower than 55 dB. Typical optical terminations for the devices are FC/PC or APC, but other fiber terminations can be supplied to customer specifications. RF output is via Wiltron Type K connectors, which are compatible with SMA style. Discovery Semiconductors Inc. Cranbury, NJ

The BelOptix Series cables are designed to be futureproof and environmentally protected. The cables contain LCF laser-certified fiber to handle the new light sources required in short-wavelength Gigabit Ethernet systems. They are operational with current LED light sources and exceed FDDI+ performance specifications. The cables are produced with RiteStrip II, a micron-buffered fiber-coating process. The process is designed to strip to 250 microns or down to 125 microns. A gel-less water-blocking system is also included. Belden Wire & Cable Co. Richmond, INTh 0699lwe04c

The SLW-180 SELFOC Microlens is designed to redirect large-diameter, large-NA optical beams by minimizing longitudinal spherical aberration over 80% of the lens's diameter. The lens is currently used in optical isolators and DWDM devices. NSG America Inc. Irvine, CA


The Advanced Fiber Ranger uses a 1310-nm laser for short- to immediate-range applications. The dead zone is less than 30 m and its maximum range is beyond 20 km. It features simplified controls that require no special training. It can detect up to seven events in less than 15 sec from a cold start-up. The device enables the user to select the index of refraction so that accurate measurements can be obtained from different cable indices without additional calculations by the operator. Readings can be reported in feet or meters and are stored so one to seven reflections can be reviewed repeatedly until the next measurement is made. Designed specifically for field installation and service, the handheld fault locator is offered at $2495. Wilcom Inc. Laconia, NH


The Fiber-Net modular fiber panel is 3U 19-inches rack mounted (185 mm in depth). It allows for up to 12 cassettes to be accommodated for expansion of fiber-optic networks using new cables. The cassettes can be used to terminate individual cables or accommodate optical components such as WDMs, splitters, switches, bare fiber for link extension, and OTDR dead zone coverage. Users do not have to choose different types of cassettes according to the operating wavelength, since both 1310- and 1550-nm wavelength units will operate with 0.4-dB insertion loss and 40- to 50-dB isolation to 1625 nm. All fibers are terminated with SC/APC connectors and adapters or others, such as FC/PC, SC, E2000, DIN, or SCII. Optronics EYT Athens, Greece

The 116 FR is a 1:1 mix ratio epoxy potting and casting compound designed for production use. The mixing ratio is intended to make the epoxy suitable for production line mixing as well as automatic dispensing. According to the manufacturer, it is one of the safest epoxy compounds available, as it reduces the risk of eye, skin, or respiratory problems usually associated with epoxy compound use. Applications include casting sensitive electronic components and potting telecommunications equipment. It is available in 2-quart, 2-gallon, or 55-gallon kits. Insulcast Roseland, NJ


This catalog of test equipment and tools for installing fiber-optic networks includes fiber-optic test equipment, tools, and training materials. New products include dual-source test kits, restoration toolboxes, several adapters for small-form-factor fiber-optic connects and the Fiber U OTDR kit. The catalog is available for free. Fotec Medford, MA

The 1999 Fiberoptic Products Catalog features more than 45 products in 105 pages covering fiber-optic components for telecommunications, WDM network, fiber-optic amplifier, LAN, and cable-TV applications. The full-color soft-cover catalog includes filter WDMs, dense WDMs, optical isolators, integrated hybrids, circulators and combiners, and fused couplers and fused WDMs. New products include dual C- and L-band miniature circulators and isolators, the optical AdfleX channel-add/drop modules, polarization beam combiners, and low-density WDMs. Kaifa Technology Sunnyvale, CA

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