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9 April 2003 St Helens, UK Lightwave Europe -- Tritec Developments Ltd is offering a range of test and measurement equipment from KD Optics.

Th 121697
Th 121697
KD optics testers available through Tritec, UK

9 April 2003 St Helens, UK -- Tritec Developments Ltd is distributing a new range of test and measurement equipment from KD Optics.

The range offers fibre optic testing systems for the datacoms and telecoms industries, extending from hand held testing equipment to bench style fibre testing products. The testers complement Tritec's existing fusion splicing range, which includes the FASE II fusion splicer and the TCII+ optical fibre cleaver.

KD's multimode portable loss test sets - including the LTS23 - comprise multimode power meters and LED sources designed for the testing of LANs to suit every requirement, whether inside or outside a building. Key features of this equipment are its ease of use, stability, rugged design and long operating life from the battery.

This design is carried over to the range of singlemode portable loss test sets that are ideal for the testing of all singlemode links. As well as being suitable for all telecommunication applications a special CATV option is available on all models.

The range of visible light sources available for fault tracing in both multimode and singlemode fibre optic cables include the VLS40 Visible Laser Source, which can be used with singlemode or multimode fibres. This unit is ideal for local fault finding and continuity checking of fibres.

Both singlemode and multimode portable talk sets are also included in the range to provide a convenient communications link during installation or maintenance of optical fibre.

Dave Robinson, director of KD Optics says, "An installer should try to ensure that a fibre job is right first time. At KD Optics we pride ourselves in hand held test & measurement equipment that is stable at different wavelengths, rugged and therefore can be used in all environments."

Jonathan Hunt, sales & marketing manager at Tritec Developments Ltd, says, "The cost effective and rugged range of hand held range of test equipment from KD Optics is well matched to our range of fusion splicing equipment. With the addition of these products Tritec can now offer everything needed to install and test optical fibre."

For further information contact: Jonathan Hunt, Sales & Marketing Manager on tel: +44 1925 220466, or email sales@tritec.biz

Or visit www.tritec.biz

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