Microtest adds single-mode fiber optic adapter to cable certification line

March 28, 2001
Mar. 28, 2001--Microtest, Inc., a technology provider of network cable testing, announces the addition of enhanced single-mode fiber optic testing capability.

Microtest, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTST), a technology provider of network cable testing, announces the addition of enhanced single-mode fiber optic testing capability for OMNIScanner, OMNIScanner2 and the new OMNIScannerLT. Named OMNIFiber SM, the adapter transforms any OMNIScanner into a comprehensive laser-based, single-mode fiber optic certification tool.

Increasingly, hybrid bundles of multimode and single-mode fiber cabling are being installed in buildings and across campuses. Fiber is often installed as future proofing and contractors must provide certification assurance for all fiber installed to network owners. Microtest is augmenting its LED-based fiber optic certification adapter with a comprehensive laser-based fiber optic testing to address this trend in single-mode installation.

OMNIFiber SM measures power, optical loss and length at both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths. In OMNIFiber SM, a fast fiber testing is delivered by checking duplex fibers in both directions, at both wavelengths, from simple one-button Autotest. Results are automatically evaluated against fiber optic industry standards - such as Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel -- for instant performance certification and are also stored for subsequent reporting.

OMNIFiber SM features interchangeable connector adapters allowing it to directly support a variety of fiber optic connection systems (ST, SC, LC, FC and MTRJ). The OMNIFiber SM will not become obsolete from proliferating fiber connection alternatives; owners need only buy new connector adapters as required. OMNIFiber SM for OMNIScanner offers installers who are certifying mixed cabling projects a flexible tool to switch from copper cable testing to single-mode fiber cable testing in a snap.

OMNIScanner companion software for the PC, Scanlink Tools, is fully compatible with the OMNIFiber SM. Users can view, save, and export results, print reports and otherwise manage fiber and copper cable certification results from a single easy to use database. Contractors now need only use a single tool, OMNIScanner with Scanlink Tools, to test and report upon all copper and fiber cabling in premise networks.

OMNIFiber SM is $5,495 distributed in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific. It will be available second quarter through all Microtest authorized distributors and resellers. Software and firmware upgrades to OMNIScanners and Scanlink Tools, to accommodate the OMNIFiber SM, will be available free on Microtest's web site, www.microtest.com. Demonstrations of the OMNIFiber SM will be given at CeBIT in Germany in March, and BiCSi, USA in May.

About Microtest:

Microtest is a provides network test and measurement products, and network appliance and storage products. Headquartered in Phoenix, Microtest has international offices in Munich, Germany; Crawley, United Kingdom; Beijing, China; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Guadalajara, Mexico and Singapore. For more information, visit www.microtest.com.