Optical verifier

Sep 1st, 1996

Optical verifier

OV-1 Optical Ver i fier suits LAN, telephone company and cable-TV applications. As a multifunction unit, the field tester accommodates a zero-set power meter, an ORL tester, talk capability, dual-laser light source, or visual fault locator and LED source, or visual locator and laser source. The unit`s power meter provides zero reset (reference) capability for direct loss readout of fiber under test. Three wavelengths--850, 1310 and 1550 nm--are available with 0.1-dBm resolution. Dynamic range is +5 to -60 dBm at 1310/1550 nm and +5 to -55 dBm at 850 nm (ۭ dB). Continuous wave and 2-kHz modulation are standard. The device operates at 110/120 or 240V with four AA NiCad or alkaline batteries. When fully charged, the verifier provides 8 hours of operating time.

Fiber Instrument Sales Inc.

Oriskany, NY

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