Handheld interferometer

Sep 1st, 1996

Handheld interferometer

ZX-1 Micro portable noncontact interferometer inspects and measures the surface topography of PC and APC fiber-optic connectors. The unit`s built-in LCD monitor enables safe viewing of potentially "live" connectors. Switching between inspection and interferometric modes allows operators to check radius of curvature, apex offset, angle, undercut or protrusion and surface quality. The 180 ¥ 115 ¥ 65-mm device runs continuously for approximately 8 hours on a single charge. It features 150¥ combined optical and electronic magnification using the LCD monitor and a built-in NiCad rechargeable battery. Options include an adjustable APC tilt stage for connectors with an angled polish from 0 to 8 degrees; FC, ST and SC adapter plates; a 9-inch external monochrome monitor; and an auxiliary power cord. The unit is priced from approximately $5000.

Direct Optical Research Co.

Phoenix, AZ

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