Fiber-optic test kit

Jun 1st, 1996

Fiber-optic test kit

The TK-MIL fiber-optic test kit combines an FLS-210B quadruple-wavelength optical source and an automated loss meter. The test source integrates four LEDs to transmit continuous or modulated light at 850- and 1300-nm (multimode) and 1310- and 1550-nm (singlemode) wavelengths. When paired with the FOT-92A power meter, it performs automated loss measurements via FasTesT mode, which measures at two wavelengths and stores results in one of the 512 memory registers for future download. Both units in the kit feature "intelligent" power circuitry, which automatically selects the most-reliable power supply from among the AC adapter, NiCd battery pack and the 9V backup battery. The 8.6 ¥ 17 ¥ 12.25-inch standard kit weighs 16 lb. and has a dynamic range to 47 dB. It contains a transit case, optical power meter, light source, two patchcords, adapters, manuals and 9V batteries. Accessories include feed-through and hybrid connectors, adapters and different types of patchcords. Without accessories, the kit costs $7900.

Exfo Electro-optical Engineering

Vanier, QC, Canada

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