1550-nm transmission system

Oct 1st, 1996

1550-nm transmission system

Maxlink 1550-nm transmission system for broadband networks provides 17-dBm launch power into a single fiber with no scattered Brillouin scattering. On a 100-km link, the carrier-to-noise ratio is 55 dB. The product line consists of two plug-in modules for the HL 4000 broadband fiber platform--an externally modulated optical transmitter (Model HLT 7803) and an erbium-doped fiber amplifier (Model HOA 7017) with user-adjustable output power. The system is microprocessor-controlled for seamless communications with the company`s element management system, and its built-in communications capability allows remote network monitoring and servicing.

Harmonic Lightwaves Inc.

Santa Clara, CA

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