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    The latest white papers from Lightwave
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    Enhancing Fiber Network Construction Efficiency Through the Use of Digital Technologies

    Nov. 15, 2023
    The fiber-optic networks that connect America’s homes and businesses to broadband services enable advanced-technology connectivity for families and workers. Behind the scenes...
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    The Perils of Using a Broadband Power Meter in a PON World

    Nov. 7, 2023
    Learn about the potential significant problems for multi-service PON activation and troubleshooting when using a broadband power meter.
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    Balanced vs. Unbalanced PON: Key Differences and Deployment Impact

    Nov. 7, 2023
    Learn how to choose the right PON architecture for your network.
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    Whitepaper: A Very Small Form Factor, Multi-Row, Multi-Fiber Connector with Multi-Vendor Interoperability

    Nov. 3, 2023
    The paper describes the design, performance, backwards compatibility, and supply chain maturity of a new, very small form factor (VSFF) multi-fiber interconnect variant of the...
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    Whitepaper: A Novel, Low-loss, Multi-Fiber Connector Compatible with Reduced Coating Diameter Fiber

    Nov. 3, 2023
    This paper examines the advantages of a new 165 m diameter fiber with a 125 m cladding diameter, and a new very small form factor multi-fiber connector with a miniature physical...
    Quantifi Photonics Brochure Cover
    Optical Modulation Analyzers

    Quantifi Photonics Product Catalogue

    Oct. 20, 2023
    Quantifi Photonics offers advanced test capabilities across silicon photonics, co-packaged optics and pluggable optics for data center, HPC and AI/ML applications. They also provide...
    White Papers

    High Data Rates Require Precise Timing

    Oct. 6, 2023
    In our day-to-day lives, we’re generating and consuming more data than ever. To manage these high data rates, it’s critical to better understand and rethink our timing technologies...
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    Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing Optical-Transmission Device Using Signal-Compensation Technique and Low-Bandwidth Optical Receivers

    Sept. 27, 2023
    TECHNICAL REVIEW:In the 5th generation mobile fronthaul (5G-MFH), a wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) optical-transmission device is used to efficiently connect many remote...
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    Passive Optical Network Equipment

    Balanced vs. Unbalanced PON: Key Differences and Deployment Impact

    Sept. 1, 2023
    Choosing the right PON architecture for your networkDemand for fiber internet is at an all-time high, and networks based on passive optical network (PON) and fiber-to-the-home...
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    Other Test, Measurement & Network Management Products

    Case Study: Protect Fiber Uptime, QoS and Security

    Sept. 1, 2023
    ONMSi Remote Fiber Test and Monitoring for Outside Plant Fiber Lines and Data Centers Challenge: Data Centers powered by vast fiber networks serve almost every computerized transaction...
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    Advancing Data Center Interconnect

    July 31, 2023
    Large and hyperscale data center operators are seeing utility in Data Center Interconnect (DCI) to expand their layer two or local area networks across data centers. But the methods...
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    MMC Connector Brochure

    July 25, 2023
    US Conec's MMC connector is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) multi-fiber optical connector designed for termination of single-mode and multimode fiber cables up to 2.5mm in diameter...
    Viavi 006 Cover
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    Supporting 5G with Fiber

    April 12, 2023
    Network operators continue their 5G coverage expansion – which means they also continue to roll out fiber to support such initiatives. The articles in this Lightwave On Topic ...
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    Optical Modulation Analyzers


    March 23, 2023
    Get the most out of your investment with Tektronix oscilloscope’s scalable architecture. Use the stack as a single 70GHz OMA system today then use it as four independent oscilloscopes...
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    Data Center Network Advances

    March 17, 2023
    The requirement for greater transmission rates promises to reshape the technology options for data center networks. The articles in this On Topic review some of the more salient...