Infleqtion unveils Sqorpius, the next phase of its commercial-ready quantum computing program

Feb. 12, 2024
Investments in manufacturing support the company’s 5-year roadmap to commercializing quantum at scale.

In a broad business update on Feb. 8, Infleqtion unveiled the 5-year roadmap for its quantum computing program, highlighting Sqorpius, the program’s next phase. The company reports that the Sqorpius initiative involves hardware and software investments and aims at creating error-corrected logical qubits for commercial applications.

Infleqtion CEO Scott Faris said in a webinar, “2024 is an inflection point for quantum technologies, with an increasing number of near-term opportunities for public and private sector organizations to begin deploying high-value quantum solutions. Our core neutral atom technology platform delivers unprecedented economies of scale by enabling us to serve these ready-now markets while providing the foundation for fault-tolerant quantum computers. Coupled with our manufacturing investments, our technology platform uniquely positions us to commercialize quantum at scale.”

A press release from Infleqtion reported advances in gate fidelity, qubit array scaling, and its quantum error-correction system. The company also highlighted plans to deliver fault-tolerant quantum computers within the next five years, reporting the development of a commercially viable, fully error-corrected 100-logical qubit quantum computer capable of executing circuits of depth above 1 million.

In the press release, Infleqtion also highlighted new partnerships with the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC), Defence Cyber Marvel 3 (DCM3), Texas A&M University’s Semiconductor Institute, and Japan’s Quantum Moonshot program.

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