Corning Inc. and Movaz Networks collaborate to accelerate deployment of wavelength switching products

September 25, 2002--Corning Inc. and Movaz Networks detailed today a business agreement signed between the two companies, which includes the sublicensing of Movaz intellectual property related to the company's integrated Wavelength Switch (iWSS) to Corning.

Corning Inc. and Movaz Networks detailed today a business agreement signed between the two companies. The four initiatives outlined in the agreement include: (1) the sublicensing of Movaz intellectual property related to Movaz's integrated Wavelength Switch (iWSS) to Corning, (2) the initiation of a joint iWSS manufacturing development agreement, (3) the designation of Corning as a preferred supplier of Movaz for components used in Movaz's RAY product portfolio, and (4) the establishment of collaborative efforts in developing metro transparent networking solutions. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Movaz Networks introduced the company's integrated Wavelength Selective Switch (iWSS) component in March 2002 and demonstrated a fully functional beta unit at NFOEC, September 15-18 in Dallas, TX. The Movaz iWSS component, measuring 7RU, is the industry's only single-stage all-optical design that incorporates wavelength multiplexing, demultiplexing and a 400x400 3D MEMS switching fabric, contend company representatives. Movaz plans to integrate the iWSS as a modular shelf within Movaz's RAYstar product platform.

The sublicensing of Movaz's intellectual property in wavelength switching enables Corning to broaden its portfolio of transparent networking products. The joint iWSS manufacturing development agreement enables Movaz to fully utilize the expertise Corning has established in optical switch modules utilizing free space optics and MEMS optical switching arrays through Corning Intellisense. Many of Corning's components are used in Movaz's RAYexpress, RAYextender and RAYstar products, which have been deployed globally by 12 customers in six months of revenue shipments. Establishing Corning as a preferred supplier further cements the relationship between the two companies.

"We have been extremely impressed by the network value proposition as well as the customer momentum that Movaz has generated in the metro market," says Mark Newhouse, vice president, New Products and Development for Corning. "Corning and Movaz share a common vision of providing a wavelength agile network at a fraction of today's SONET costs. Wavelength switching is an integral part of that vision. We are very pleased to have Movaz as our partner and customer."

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