RSoft Design Group acquires assets of ARTIS

January 7, 2003--RSoft Design Group Inc. has acquired the intellectual property assets and key employees of ARTIS.

RSoft Design Group Inc. has acquired the intellectual property assets and key employees of ARTIS. ARTIS' assets include OptSim, a software product for the simulation of optical communication systems, and Artifex, a modeling and simulation environment for the design and validation of network technologies.

ARTIS is noted for being a global supplier of network/system simulation software; RSoft
Design Group's LinkSIM software was previously a direct competitor to ARTIS' OptSim tool.

"It is significant that the combination of ARTIS' OptSim and RSoft's LinkSIM, both top ranking tools in optical system simulation, will make RSoft Design Group the premier supplier of this line of software worldwide. RSoft is already the leading global supplier of component-level simulation products," contends Robert Scarmozzino, chief executive officer of RSoft Design Group. "The acquisition of ARTIS' intellectual property supports RSoft's growth strategy by increasing our lead in the global marketplace."

RSoft has hired key personnel in sales, technical support, and development from ARTIS and will continue to support the company's products. "ARTIS customers are enthusiastic about this development," adds Alessandro Arnulfo, who has joined RSoft from ARTIS, where he managed ARTIS' operations in the U.S. and Asia. "RSoft Design Group has a solid reputation for support and quality products that is consistent with ARTIS' past philosophy and standards. The technology behind the two companies' solutions is complementary and will enhance the tools we offer our customers," he notes.

RSoft will continue supporting users of ARTIS software, and OptSim and RSoft's LinkSIM will be merged into a single, unified platform that takes advantage of the strengths of both tools. ARTIS' Artifex will join RSoft's full spectrum photonics and network design automation family as a new modeling and simulation environment.

The ARTIS software packages are now available through RSoft Design Group.

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