Intune launches Alto suite of optical solutions

18 September 2003 Dublin Lightwave Europe -- Intune Technoplogies has launched its new "Alto" optical test and measurement suite comprising test and measurement, data networking, and production software modules for volume manufacturing.

18 September 2003 Dublin -- Intune Technoplogies has launched its new "Alto" optical test and measurement platform. The suite comprises three solution families: AltoWave, for test and measurement; AltoNet, for data networking; and AltoSoft production software for volume manufacturing.

As light becomes the new information asset, optoelectronics is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology, says Intune CEO John Dunne. IntuneAlto is a technology solution set based around highly reliable, fast, low cost laser light sources and is positioned for deployment as the optoelectronics platform of choice.

Dunne says that by delivering AltoWave, AltoNet and AltoSoft to a diverse range of applications, under the common Alto framework, "Intune will maintain the highest levels of innovation, product development and customer support."

"Intune is greeting growing customer demand for its products and services and is structuring itself in accordance with extensive growth plans," says Dunne. "By delivering complimentary families of products under the Alto brand, Intune will ensure continued customer satisfaction by delivering excellence in product development and support functions."

"Our customer base and partners take advantage of combined skills in optoelectronics, hardware and software and can select products on a modular basis from each solution set into the final Alto solution that meets their requirements. We can deliver anywhere in the world today with full beta trial support."

For optical networking, Intune supplies the AltoNet series of ultra-fast wavelength switched subsystems. The AltoWave high-speed laser swept source and advanced instrumentation solution set is available for optical sensing applications.

It serves diverse application areas such as oil-well completion systems, structural and bridge strain measurements, gas sensing, optical component test, in-flight monitoring and metrology applications.

Previous and future versions of swept source based products (formally known under the "INT" name) will be developed as part of the AltoWave family. Both AltoNet and AltoWave product ranges are built on Intune's AltoSoft software manufacturing platform, commercially available for building test solutions and also specialised laser calibration systems.

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