Siemens awarded Softswitch order from Cyprus

21 October 2003 Nicosia, Cyprus Lightwave Europe -- Cypriot carrier Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, Nicosia, has awarded Siemens an order to deliver its SURPASS Softswitch solution.

21 October 2003 Nicosia, Cyprus -- The Cypriot carrier Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), Nicosia, has awarded Siemens an order to deliver, install and service its SURPASS Softswitch solution.

Siemens will replace and expand the traditional long-distance/transit exchanges of CYTA (Class 4 switches) with an IP-based softswitch solution, which will additionally offload the Internet traffic from the PSTN.

CYTA is hence one of the first public network operators to be controlling and transporting all voice & data traffic on a joint packet-based platform. This voice/data convergence at the long-distance/transit level of the CYTA network leads to considerable savings in operating costs for the carrier.

The introduction of the Surpass solution is a first decisive step towards an end-to-end IP solution. CYTA is thus laying the foundation for introducing new, attractive IP-based applications that can be optimally processed via this infrastructure.

Surpass is Siemens' carrier-grade IP Convergence architecture, designed to enable the migration of traditional TDM networks to IP. Siemens uses the evolutionary Surpass concept to join together the world's largest networks: the telephone network and the Internet.

On the strength of its open architecture, Surpass brings the high quality, feature richness and extraordinary reliability of traditional TDM-based, real-time voice networks to the IP world. Surpass offers a full range of powerful voice/data solutions for all network areas: Next Generation Access, Next Generation Optics and Next Generation Switching.

Surpass solutions are already deployed by over 80 carriers worldwide, including BellSouth, BELGACOM, British Telecom (BT), China Mobile, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom, Finnet Group, FORTHnet, MCI, Omantel, OTE Greece, PT Prime, PT Telkom, SingTel, Sonera, Sonofon, TelecomAsia, Telecom Egypt, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telemar and Telstra.

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