Lightscape Networks launches in U.S., introduces integrated multi-service optical networking solution

March 14, 2001
Mar. 14, 2001--Lightscape Networks, an ECI Telecom company, announced its U.S. launch as a provider of intelligent, next-generation optical solutions for metro and regional networks. Lightscape also introduced its XDM integrated multi-service optical networking solution in North America.

Lightscape Networks, an ECI Telecom company (NASDAQ: ECIL), announced its U.S. launch as a provider of intelligent, next-generation optical solutions for metro and regional networks. With more than 10 years of worldwide experience as the Optical Networks division of ECI Telecom, Lightscape Networks provides highly scalable products that combine multi-layer optical networking with instant service provisioning and on-demand network scaling capabilities to facilitate the rapid network growth required by customers.

Lightscape Networks began its independent operation on January 1, 2001 as a result of ECI Telecom's recent reorganization. The launch also marks the commencement of North American operations, as the new company leverages its experience in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Customer installations in more than 45 countries include some major carriers and emerging service providers, such as Deutsche Telekom, Global One, Cable and Wireless, D2 Vodafone, Mannesmann, Telemach, Hansol and Banverket. Sales of its complete family of products in 2000 totaled $259.6 million.

Service providers are facing several problems in current metro networks. Networks built up from multiple dedicated network elements at each node significantly increase the cost of network ownership and service provisioning cycle time. In addition, the lack of on-demand service creation capability adversely affects carriers' revenue. The current metro solutions aren't scalable to support bandwidth and service demand, particularly for a full suite of DWDM optical networking capabilities.

Based on industry analyst firm RHK's market forecast, the metro DWDM optical networking equipment market in North America is expected to grow 45 percent annually through 2004.

Lightscape Networks also introduced its XDM integrated multi-service optical networking solution in North America.

Lightscape Networks' XDM is an intelligent "build-as-you-grow" optical solution for metro and regional networks in a single platform architecture. Lightscape Networks' XDM combines fully integrated DWDM optical networking with data protocols, multiple SONET/SDH rings, distributed Digital Cross-Connect System (DCS) and point-and-click provisioning in a single hybrid optical network element. This integrated approach consolidates multiple network elements and reduces network and provisioning costs, while offering new on-demand revenue generating services. Flexible topology and rings-to-mesh migration allows carriers to build their networks according to bandwidth and service demand, helping them optimize capital outflow and increase business profitability.

Designed as an integrated 5-in-1 platform, the XDM combines, in a single shelf, multi-ring SONET/SDH and data networking together with suite of long haul DWDM optical networking, a distributed digital cross connect system (DCS) and point-and-click, end-to-end provisioning.

The XDM's integrated long haul DWDM optical networking features include up to 80 lambdas, multi-channel flexible optical add and drop multiplexers (OADM), amplifiers, boosters, high-resolution transponders and sub-10ms optical protection schemes that allow service providers to build intelligent optical networks spanning hundreds of miles, with in-service upgrades. The ability to scale beyond the metro core, based on these optical networking features, sets the XDM apart from the crowded "metro-only" multi-service provisioning platforms of other vendors.

By supporting multiple topologies, such as rings, mesh and star, the XDM allows carriers to migrate from their current ring networks to intelligent mesh in the future. Network capacity can be added cost effectively, in-service and on a where-and-when basis without the need to upgrade the entire ring capacity. The XDM also ensures future migration to pure optical metro core and regional networks.

The XDM's density provides cost-performance, supporting 24 OC-48 channels or 96 gigabit Ethernet (GigE) channels per shelf, and hundreds of SONET/SDH rings in a single bay with full non-blocking connectivity. By combining multiple network elements into one platform, the XDM slashes network equipment cost by more than 50 percent.

Additionally, its efficient sub-lambda grooming and distributed DCS features further minimize carriers' fiber build-out costs by ensuring up to 95 percent bandwidth utilization.

The XDM's point-and-click provisioning capability, provided by its Network Management (eNM), allows carriers to offer new revenue-generating on-demand bandwidth services across multiple network layers. The XDM enables carriers to add pay-by-the-slice services by offering carrier class GigE service that can be provisioned on-demand in increments of 50 Mbits/s. The eNM enables full control and monitoring of all XDM elements and other vendors' products.

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