Everest Broadband partners with Telseon to expand broadband services opportunties

July 31, 2001--The relationship will enable Everest to wholesale bandwidth to Telseon's service provider customers who wish to deliver their services to enterprises in the MTU buildings.

Everest Broadband Networks, a next generation, metropolitan provider of IP broadband services over Ethernet to commercial office buildings, announced a strategic relationship with Telseon, a provider of metropolitan optical networks, potentially connecting thousands of Everest-served multi-tenant unit (MTU) office buildings to Telseon's network in four metropolitan markets. The relationship will enable Everest to wholesale bandwidth to Telseon's service provider customers who wish to deliver their services to enterprises in the MTU buildings. Everest can also expand its portfolio of retail services and create new revenue streams through relationships with these customers in the Telseon ecosystem.

Under the agreement, Everest has reserved 100 Mbps of bandwidth connectivity in 38 initial network locations in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Dallas. Telseon's web-based, self-service provisioning system, enables Everest to create virtual connections and, within minutes, provision connectivity to any Telseon customer in the 38 locations.

Additionally, with access to hundreds of data services from Telseon's carrier, ISP, MSP, and other service provider customers, Everest can selectively tap into Telseon's IP Ecosystem to resell/bundle any of these services to its MTU small and medium-sized business customers. These services currently include content distribution, IP transit, hosting, outsourced storage, videoconferencing, and VoIP.

The expanded wholesale and retail revenue opportunities for Everest demonstrate how Everest is leveraging its Metropolitan Ethernet Services Architecture (MESA). MESA is a cost-effective metropolitan technology platform that brings new economies of scale to metropolitan area broadband service delivery. It also merges the local and wide area networks to enable seamless broadband connectivity with a variety of Service Level Agreements from the desktop, across regional, national and international networks.

Everest POPs serve as retail storefronts that cost-effectively enable small and medium businesses to purchase converged voice, data, video and best of breed ASP services. Everest's policy-based subscriber and the EverestXpress E-Care customer portal give customers unprecedented flexibility and control over service performance, features and usage economics. EverestXpress gives the customer a single ID/password sign-on and a single point of control for the dynamic allocation of bandwidth and for activating, self-provisioning and managing all Everest services and applications.

With MESA in place, Everest will soon begin retailing local voice over IP service, virtual private networking, advanced private networking, additional best-of-breed ASP services and a host of IP content services, many through Telseon Ecosystem partners.

About Everest Broadband Networks:

Everest Broadband Networks provides high-speed Internet access, local and long-distance telephone service, digital broadcast satellite TV, related broadband applications and IT professional services in multi-tenant commercial buildings and hotels. For more information, visit www.everestbroadband.com.

About Telseon:

Telseon offers scalable optical network services to enable companies to break the bandwidth bottleneck in the metropolitan area. For more information, visit www.telseon.com.

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