Asanté pursues multi-tenant networking markets

April 17, 2001
Apr. 17, 2001--Asanté Technologies, Inc. announced they are developing a strategic plan to attract network providers in the emerging Multi-Tenant Unit marketplace.

Asanté Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASNT.OB) announced they are developing a strategic plan to attract network providers in the emerging Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU) marketplace. According to a January 2001 Cahners In-Stat Group report, the U.S. market for multi-tenant broadband equipment and services will grow from $371 million in 2000 to nearly $2 billion in 2004. Asanté plans to capitalize on this development by promoting its IntraCore products in this rapidly growing market.

Multi-Tenant Unit networks provide broadband Internet access to apartment residences, hotel guests, and businesses in commercial office buildings. A typical multi-tenant facility has between 10 and 500 tenants. Typically, cable or DSL network connections are commonly used for Internet access. As the MTU business market flourishes, some providers are proceeding to the next step: supplying the entire LAN infrastructure for every business in an office building. As an added benefit, many providers also offer voice, virtual private network, and other services. In addition, exponential growth in the hospitality and apartment building industries is leading providers to meet the demand for in-room TV services to hotel guests and apartment residents over Ethernet/IP.

Cost effectiveness is a major advantage of MTU broadband access. Traditionally, each tenant had to buy separate cable or DSL modems and service for their PCs. Now, high-speed Internet access is piped through a small point of presence located inside the building, enabling many tenants to share the cost of the link.

Asanté products will provide MTU businesses with:

* Seamless integration between LAN and the Internet.

* Scalable bandwidth from 10 to 100 Mbps for each tenant.

* Tenant-to-tenant security.

* Dual Gigabit links for high availability and throughput.

* Network security management to track Mac and IP addresses per port.

About Asanté:

Asanté Technologies, Inc., is a provider of network solutions for the education, enterprise, and service provider marketplaces. For more information, visit

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