Shin-Etsu Chemical seeks license from OFS

AUGUST 24, 2009 -- The electronics chemicals supplier is seeking the use of an OFS patent in making preform with low-water-peak fiber by cladding VAD core.

AUGUST 24, 2009 -- OFS (search Lightwave for OFS) and Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. (search Lightwave for Shin-Etsu) announce that OFS has agreed to license its U.S. Patent No. 6,131,415 and its foreign counterparts to Shin-Etsu. The patent relates to the method of manufacture of preforms with a soot-based core rod, such as vapor axial deposition (VAD) and synthetic overclad cylinder glass to provide low-water-peak fiber performance.

The patented preform process is used to manufacture OFS's AllWave ZWP fibers, which exceed ITU-T G.652.D specifications for standard singlemode fiber. The full-spectrum capability of low-water-peak fiber allows system designers using fiber made from the associated preform to support systems that leverage the E-band (1,360-1,460 nm) transmission window. Access to the E-band window increases usable capacity by 50%, says OFS, and allows for application of DWDM or CWDM across the spectrum.

The licensed technology allows Shin-Etsu to quickly expand the existing capability of the preform production facilities at its Kashima Plant, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. By leveraging VAD core capacity from Kashima with existing synthetic overclad cylinder glass capability, Shin-Etsu says it will be positioned to cost-effectively address continued strong demand for low-water-peak preforms in the Asia-Pacific region.

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