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Oct. 1, 2001

Everest Broadband Networks (Fort Lee, NJ), a metropolitan provider of IP broadband services over Ethernet to commercial office buildings, announced a strategic relationship with Telseon (Denver), a metropolitan optical-network provider, connecting multitenant unit (MTU) office buildings to Telseon's network in four metropolitan markets. The relationship will enable Everest to wholesale bandwidth to Telseon's service-provider customers who wish to deliver their services to enterprises in the MTU buildings. Under the agreement, Everest has reserved 100 Mbits/sec of bandwidth connectivity in 38 initial network locations in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Dallas.

North AmericaXanoptix Inc. (Merrimack, NH), and Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (Camarillo, CA) have demonstrated a compact optical crosspoint switch. By combining the Xanoptix XTM-1 72-channel optical transceiver and the Vitesse Semiconductor VSC838 36x36 Crosspoint Switch, the two companies have implemented what the companies claim to be the smallest optical-in optical-out switch operating at more than 100 Gbits/sec.

GiantLoop Network Inc. (Waltham, MA), an enterprise optical-networking services provider, and Globix Corp. (New York, NY), an Internet connectivity solutions provider, announced a business relationship that will bring all-optical connectivity to major metropolitan areas. Under the arrangement, Globix will use GiantLoop's managed optical-networking services to enhance access to large data-center spaces at Globix SuperPOP facilities in New York and connect to its existing 2.5-Gbit/sec backbone network.

Corning Inc. (Corning, NY), has an agreement with Lucent Technologies (Murray Hill, NJ) to purchase Lucent's controlling equity interests in Lucent Technologies Shanghai Fiber Optic Co. Ltd. and Lucent Technologies Beijing Fiber Optic Cable Co. Ltd. for an aggregate payment of $225 million in cash.

Telefónica Data, a telecommunications services provider, has selected Juniper Networks' (Sunnyvale, CA) technology for its IP backbone. Juniper Networks' M160 Internet backbone routers will enable Internet access for Telefónica Data's domestic IP network infrastructure and for connections into its international network nodes.

TranSwitch Corp. (Shelton, CT), a VLSI developer and supplier, has entered into a strategic investment and OEM agreement with TeraOp Inc. (Delaware, MD). TeraOp is developing a family of optical-switching and -routing products for optical networking.

Telmar Network Technology (Irvine, CA) and NEC Eluminant Technologies (eLUMINANT-Chantilly, VA) have signed an addendum to their national distribution agreement, under which Telmar has been named an authorized supplier for eLUMINANT products to all Canadian telecommunications customers. Telmar's eLUMINANT product of ferings will include M13 multiplexers, digital loop carriers, broadband access products, and the VISTA Intelligent Access Multiplexer. Telmar will stock significant quantities of these products to support both the United States and Canadian markets.

Tellium (Oceanport, NJ), an intelligent core optical-switch provider, has expanded its operations to Boxborough, MA. Tellium's new location includes almost 10,000 sq ft of space that will be used for general offices, research, training, and light assembly as well as a development laboratory dedicated to intelligent core optical switches. A team of approximately 20 engineers and supply-chain managers is currently based at the new Boxborough location.

OnFiber Communications (Austin, TX), a metro access provider, announced that MSN Hotmail, a division of Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, WA), purchased 100 Gbits of bandwidth connectivity to support the growing user base of the MSN network. Under the multiyear agreement, OnFiber will provide 40 optical wavelengths transmitting a total of 100 billion bits/sec.

ONI Systems Corp. (San Jose, CA), a provider of optical telecommunications systems for metropolitan and regional markets, opened a new Lightwave Design Centre in Montreal. The new facility houses an optical research laboratory and marks ONI's further expansion into markets outside of the United States.

NEC America Inc. (Irving, TX), an enter prise communications systems provider, has acquired Micro Computer Systems Inc. (Irving, TX), a software development company specializing in networking products and Internet/intranet access.

McLeodUSA Inc. (Cedar Rapids, IA), an independent local-exchange carrier, and Williams Communications Inc. (Tulsa, OK), a broadband provider for bandwidth-centric customers, have entered into a network services agreement. Under the contract, the companies will provide telecommunications services, allowing Williams Communications to leverage the Tier 2 and Tier 3 market footprint of McLeodUSA in its 25-state region, while affording McLeodUSA access to the market presence of Williams Communications in Tier 1 markets.

Essex Corp. (Columbia, MD) announced the first round of field trials of its new 6.25-GHz Hyperfine WDM pre-production prototypes. Essex is limiting the number of field-trial sites to four to ensure a high level of support for each partner evaluation. Each field test is focused on a different major application for Hyperfine. (State College, PA), a global broadband technology and services provider, completed its purchase of certain assets of ADC Telecommunications' cable product port folio. The assets purchased include the Optiworx and DV-6000 product lines as well as other related cable infrastructure products from ADC's Broadband Communications Div., located in Meriden, CT; Buenos Aires; and Klagenfurt, Austria. These facilities and their assets have become part of's Telecommunications Equipment Group.

Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (Camarillo, CA), an integrated-circuit designer and supplier, announced the availability of its indium phosphide foundry services for designers of ICs and optoelectronic ICs. Customers can sign up for a partnership agreement or they can purchase multiproject wafers for the purpose of design and process verification.

Agilent Technologies Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) and Corning Cable Systems (Hickory, NC) announced an agreement designed to provide the communications industry with a supply of new parallel-optics solutions. Under the agreement, the companies will work together to provide joint customers with access to Corning Cable Systems' passive optical technologies and Agilent Technologies' active parallel-optics modules. Corning Cable Systems and Agilent will also jointly market and support parallel-optics solutions.

Etec Inc. (Peabody, MA) and Umech Technologies LLC (Watertown, MA) have entered into a joint product agreement to develop next-generation micro-electromech anical systems (MEMS) test systems. As part of the agreement, Etec has been granted exclusive worldwide distribution of Umech's embedded version of the MMA (known as EMMA) product line.

LIGHTCONNECT Inc. (Newark, CA), a designer and manufacturer of MEMS-based fiber-optic components for optical networks, opened a new 5,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility adjacent to the company's headquarters in Newark, CA. The new manufacturing and test facility will be capable of producing up to 10,000 variable optical attenuators and 300 dynamic gain equalizers per month and at full capacity will employ up to 300 people.

Global Crossing Ltd. (Hamilton, Bermuda) announced a two-year contract with Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, WA) to provide broadband services interconnecting nine of Microsoft's European hubs. Global Crossing will provide a broadband backbone network connecting Amsterdam; Brussels; Dublin; Les Ulis, France; London; Munich; Reading, UK; Stockholm; Zurich; and Microsoft's headquarters.

CODEON Corp. (Columbia, MD), a de signer and manufacturer of modules for the fiber-optic telecommunications industry, announced Ciena Corp. (Linthicum, MD) has selected its 12.5-Gbit/sec intensity modulator for use within the MultiWave CoreStream product.

CTC Communications (Waltham, MA), an integrated communications carrier, has activated its fiber-optic network in its Bowdoin Square, Boston, location. CTC purchased long-haul and metro-suburban dark fiber under 20-year irrefutable right-of-use agreements in late 2000 and 2001 from a variety of dark fiber suppliers. CTC is taking delivery of this dark fiber, using Cisco Systems optronics, and will be providing fiber access to its network in over 60 locations throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic states by year-end 2001.

Time Warner Telecom Inc. (Littleton, CO), a metro and regional optical broadband networks and services provider, announced that America Online Inc. has selected Time Warner Telecom to provide local and regional bandwidth services for the AOL Transit Data Network (ATDN). The initial agreement calls for Time Warner Telecom to provide OC-12 and OC-48 SONET and 2.5-Gbit/sec wavelength services within and between various markets to service the expansion of ATDN, AOL's global integrated network of telecommunications facilities that are leased by AOL from third parties.

Ortronics Inc. (New London, CT) plans to relocate its Norwich, CT, and Bradenton, FL, manufacturing operations to a new facility in Gastonia, NC. Ortronics will retain its corporate headquarters consisting of sales support, marketing, customer service, product engineering, training, human resources, finance, and information technology in New London, CT.

PaeTec Corp. (Fairport, NY), a holding company whose principal subsidiary is PaeTec Communications, Inc., an integrated communications provider, has installed 17 million DS-0 fiber-mi (8,100 route-mi) of the 24 million DS-0 fiber-mi available under its agreement with Global Crossing Ltd. (Hamilton, Bermuda), an international provider of fiber-optic facilities. That completes the first phase of installation, with the remaining 7 million DS-0 fiber-mi scheduled for deployment by year-end.

The TAT-14 consortium (New York) announced the full ring completion of the Transatlantic 14 (TAT-14) undersea cable system, which now provides multinational companies with service for Internet, data, and voice traffic between the United States and Europe. TAT-14 allows businesses sending transatlantic data and voice information to maintain uninterrupted service via an alternative path in the event of a cable breakage.

LuxN Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA), an optical access network platforms provider, and KMC Telecom (Bedminster, NJ) announced a contract for KMC Telecom to purchase LuxN's WavSystem optical DWDM equipment. KMC Telecom, a provider of metro-area optical broadband networks and bandwidth transport services, has chosen LuxN's WavSystem to provide metro DWDM services in Tier 3 markets across the United States. KMC Telecom is also deploying additional hardware to customers that allows point-to-point connections to their network using Gigabit Ethernet, native LAN, and other service offerings.

Holocom Networks (Carlsbad, CA) a communications infrastructure solutions provider, and Anixter (Skokie, IL), a distributor of data-communication products, announced an agreement whereby Anixter will have distribution rights to resell all current Holocom products nationwide.

Sonus Networks (Westford, MA), a voice infrastructure products provider, an nounced that Level 3 Communications Inc. (Broomfield, CO), an IP service company, has signed an agreement to purchase network architecture systems designed to support Level 3's wholesale IP voice service. Under the agreement, Level 3 plans to deploy a range of Sonus's voice infrastructure systems throughout its 16,000-mi U.S. fiber-optic network.

EPIK Communications Inc. (Orlando, FL), a bandwidth-capacity provider, announced that its 1,850-mi long-haul fiber-optic network in the southeastern United States is completely lit. The network covers approximately 78% of Florida's population and 56% of Georgia's population. The network connects 11 major cities in the Southeast, including Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

Level 3 Communications Inc. (Broomfield, CO), an IP service company, has signed a multiyear agreement with Adelphia Communications (Coudersport, PA). Adelphia has purchased 2.5-Gbit/sec wavelengths from Level 3 along nine intercity routes connecting Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle.

Progress Telecom (St. Petersburg, FL), a broadband telecommunications services carrier, has expanded its network to include an additional long-haul fiber route from Miami to Atlanta. Progress Telecom's network expansion provides carriers, data centers, Internet service providers, and competitive local-exchange carriers to transmit telecommunications and data traffic in the eastern United States. The carrier is using equipment provided by Nortel Networks (Brampton, Ontario).

Looking Glass Networks Inc. (Oak Brook, IL), a bandwidth metro data transport services provider, will make its next-generation network available in Equinix Inc.'s (Mountain View, CA) Internet Business Ex change (IBX) centers located in the Dallas, Chicago, and Washington, DC, areas. Looking Glass will extend its metro data transport services, such as SONET, wavelength, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, and storage-area transport to the companies participating in Equinix's IBX centers, including Internet service providers, enterprise customers, content providers, competitive local-exchange carriers, and long-haul carriers.

Cinta Networks (San Jose, CA), an optical-networking systems provider, has selected ADC (Minneapolis), a supplier of fiber optics, network equipment, software, and integration services for broadband networks, as a strategic partner for equipment engineering, furnishing, and installation services. ADC will work with Cinta's service-provider customers to provide the installation and field support necessary for deployment of the company's WAVEJunction optical wavelength networking systems.

Exelon Enterprises Management Inc. (Chicago) has provided $11.5 million of financing to NEON Communications Inc. (Westborough, MA). NEON plans to use this capital to expand and enhance its fiber-optic network and meet other working capital needs.

Cogent Communications Inc. (Washington, DC), an optical Internet service provider, has completed more than 75% of the 80-Gbit/sec bandwidth expansion on its 12,400-mi long-haul backbone. The remainder of the expansion will be completed by the end of October. Cogent's backbone now reaches 45 of the 50 largest metropolitan service areas (MSAs) and is fully operational. Cogent currently provides service in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Santa Clara (CA), and Washington, DC, with plans to provide service in 20 cities by year-end.

e-xpedient/CAVU Inc. (Miami), a broadband supplier, has selected Canobeam III, the secure light beam transmission system from Canon Broadcast and Communications for use in the Miami metropolitan area. The free-space optical system will give e-xpedient a reliable link and constant footprint for its 100-Mbit/ sec IP switched Ethernet network, ac cording to the manufacturer.

Stream Intelligent Networks Corp. (Toronto, ON), a MAN provider, has signed a master network services agreement with Everest Broadband Networks Canada (Toronto), a metropolitan broadband services provider. The agreement enables Stream to supply high-speed access facilities to commercial buildings served by Everest Canada. Stream has also announced that sewer telecommunications access by robot (STAR) will be deployed in the City of Toronto's sewer system. Toronto plans to fulfill the National Broadband Task Force's goal to have all cities wired for broadband services by 2004.

LIGHTCONNECT Inc. (Newark, CA), a designer and manufacturer of MEMS-based fiber-optic components for optical networks, has selected the Oracle E-Business Suite to facilitate its procurement and financial pro cesses. LIGHTCONNECT purchased Oracle Purchasing, iProcurement, Financials, Internet Expenses, and Financials Intelligence, which run entirely on the Internet.

Competisys Corp. (Irvine, CA), an integrated utilities company, will be delivering bundled services over fiber-optic Gigabit Ethernet networks directly into businesses and residences. The fiber-based system will first be deployed in the Schuler Homes development of Poppy Meadows in American Canyon, CA. Competisys will use the Ethernet-to-the-subscriber product line from World Wide Packets in the deployment.

Southern Telecom (Atlanta), a long-haul and metropolitan dark fiber provider, has completed a central business district dark fiber ring and collocation space in downtown Atlanta. The new fiber ring serves 13 telecommunications addresses in Atlanta and will also provide service laterals from the fiber backbone route that extend directly into carrier hotels and enterprises. In addition, Southern Telecom opened 5,200 sq ft of collocation space.

Astral Point Communications Inc. (Chelmsford, MA), a metropolitan optical-networking solutions provider, has extended its relationship with Telcordia Technologies (Morristown, NJ), a telecommunications training services provider, by signing contracts to participate in the OSMINE process for the Telcordia TIRKS system and the Telcordia NMA system. The contract calls for Astral Point's optical-networking products to begin the integration processes this fall.

To speed deployment of "last mile" optical-fiber local loops required to complete the Northeast's fiber-optic communications networks, Global Lightwave (Wappingers Falls, NY) announced it is willing to donate the strategic rights of way and license agreements it holds throughout that region to competitive telecommunications companies. In return, Global Lightwave will require that its affiliate company, Fiber Optek, be engaged to design, permit, and install the resulting networks.

Marvell (Sunnyvale, CA), a broadband communications solutions developer, announced that Lucent Technologies (Murray Hill, NJ) has selected Marvell's GalNet-3 converged voice/video/data switch processors for its ADM 16/1c WaveStar SDM multiplexer and transport system. The system allows business customers to directly connect to LAN interfaces or interconnect LANs of geographically separated buildings or networks. The system can operate in both synchronous as well as asynchronous environments.

Input/Output Inc. (Houston, TX), through its wholly owned subsidiary Applied MEMS Inc. (Stafford, TX), and Coventor Inc. (Cary, NC) have entered into a preferred manufacturing partnership for the design and manufacture of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). Applied MEMS offers automated MEMS fabrication services and custom MEMS packaging services. Coventor provides a manufacturing interface, MEMS device and system design and simulation software, intellectual property platforms, and product engineering.

TeraBurst Networks Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA), a developer of carrier-grade optical-core switching and transmission systems, announced an agreement with Synergy Telecommunications Corp. (Syntelco) (McLean, VA), a reseller of networking and broadband connectivity solutions for MANs, government organizations, and enterprises. Syntelco will resell TeraBurst's optical-core switches, the optical management system (OMS) 2100 and OMS 2200.

Adept Technology Inc. (San Jose), a manufacturer of automation equipment for the telecommunications, fiber-optic, and semiconductor industries, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CHAD Industries Inc. (Orange, CA), a design and manufacturing company. Adept plans to leverage CHAD's expertise in small part feeding, precision tooling design, and the handling of odd-form components to add capacity in photonics automation.

Haleos Inc., The New ACT MicroDevices (Blacksburg, VA), a fiber-optics and photonics company, and Newport Corp. (Irvine, CA), a designer and manufacturer of components, instruments, and integrated systems, have formed an alliance for the joint development of fiber-optics and photonics manufacturing automation equipment. The alliance in cludes direct research and design, testing, and in-house trial use by Haleos of Newport automation solutions and the collaborative development of new solutions.

Celion Networks (Richardson, TX), a designer and manufacturer of optical-networking products, has secured $45 million in a second round of financing led by Lehman Brothers Venture Capital Group. Other companies who participated in the round include Corning Innovation Ventures, Intel Communications Fund, Global Innovation Partners, and another investor Celion declined to reveal. Sequoia Capital, which led Celion's first round last July, continued its support with another significant investment.

Centerpoint Broadband Technologies Inc. (San Jose), a developer of transport systems for both optical and wireless networks, has agreed to acquire Zaffire Inc. (San Jose), a provider of DWDM optical-networking systems for metropolitan and regional networks. Under the terms of the agreement, Centerpoint will acquire Zaffire in an all-stock transaction that is expected to close in the third quarter of this year.

Agility Communications Inc. (Santa Barbara, CA), an optical-networking components company, announced that Atoga Systems Inc. (Fremont, CA), an integrated WDM developer and manufacturer for the optical Internet, is employing the Agility 3040 high-power, widely tunable laser in its optical application router family of products.

Akara (Ottawa, ON), an optical services management solution provider, has secured $30 million in second-round funding led by VenGrowth (Toronto), a venture capital firm. Corning Innovation Ventures, a division of Corning Inc. that invests in optical-networking companies, also participated. The funding will be used to expand operations, customer service, and sales and to continue development of future products and services.

EuropeGlobal Crossing Ltd. (London) has signed a framework agreement with NATO's Consultation, Command, and Control Agency that qualifies it as a bidder to provide WAN, video, voice, and IP data-communications services to NATO member countries and signatories to the Partnership for Peace Agreement. The framework contract, known as a Basic Ordering Agreement, enables government agencies and Global Crossing to streamline the contracting process for the procurement of services and solutions. The agreement also allows Global Crossing's Solutions division to bid for major outsourcing projects in collaboration with systems integrators and vendors that are accredited suppliers to NATO.

Alcatel Optronics (Paris), an optical-component designer and manufacturer, has acquired Kymata Ltd. (Livingston, Scotland). Kymata provides next-generation optical components for the networking industry. Under the agreement, nine million Alcatel Class O shares and 2.2 million Alcatel Class A shares will be exchanged for all outstanding shares of Kymata.

Intense Photonics (Glasgow, Scotland) has been awarded a £450,000 ($630,000) SpurPlus grant to develop an optoelectronic packet switch. SpurPlus is a grant program run by the Scottish Executive to help small and medium-sized businesses develop products and processes for markets that demand expensive technology. The company plans to integrate all of the components required for the dynamic routing of information packets on one monolithic chip.

ADVA Optical Networking (Martinsried/Munich), an optical-networking solutions provider, and Siemens (Munich) announced the signing of a new strategic partnership to deliver end-to-end metro optical-networking solutions. Under this OEM agreement, Siemens Information and Communication Networks will market, sell, and support ADVA's Fiber Service Platform portfolio under the Siemens TransXpress WaveLine brand. ADVA also announced that it has joined Extreme Networks Inc.'s (Santa Clara, CA) "Go Purple" vendor partnering program. "Go Purple" delivers IP solutions for large enterprises and service-provider networks enabling customers to select from a range of industry-proven and -compatible products.

Corning Inc. (Corning, NY) a supplier of optical fiber, and Saranskkabel Optika (Russia) have signed a three-year supply agreement for Corning optical fiber. The agreement provides Saranskkabel Optika with at least 70% of its total fiber supply. As part of the agreement, Saranskkabel will purchase Corning SMF-28 fiber and traditional graded-index multimode fibers used primarily in LANs.

AIXTRON AG (Aachen, Germany), an MOCVD systems producer, delivered two model AIX-2400G3 MOCVD reactors to Princeton Lightwave Inc. (PLI-Cranbury, NJ). The latter is a supplier of active-component solutions for the optical-networking industry.

OPNET Technologies Inc. (Bethesda, MD), a provider of network-management software, and Comsof (Ghent, Belgium), an optical-networking design software company, announced the completion of a joint venture and introduced a new OPNET product for optical-networking design. The joint venture, WDM NetDesign BVBA, based in Ghent, has ownership of the intellectual property and key staff associated with Comsof's WDMNetDesign product. The joint venture will focus on research and development of optical-networking design software to be used in OPNET's products, including Netbiz, SP Guru, and the new WDM Guru.

South AmericaSade Skanska (Stockholm) has been contracted for the construction of the Colorado River Water Pipeline in the La Pampa province of Argentina. A fiber-optic cable will be installed parallel to the pipeline, and a fiber-optic (broadband) network will be installed parallel to the route of the pipeline. The network will connect 20 cities and comprise a total of 595 km of fiber-optic cable. The project will be carried out over a period of 18 months. Work will begin immediately and is scheduled for completion in 2002. AsiaAsia Global Crossing (Taipei, Taiwan) celebrated the Taiwan landing of its East Asia Crossing subsea cable system that will connect Taiwan to more than 200 major business centers in 27 countries. The landing of East Asia Crossing in Taiwan was made possible by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications' decision to allow foreign companies to land international fiber-optic cables and lease bandwidth in Taiwan.

Agere Systems (Allentown, PA), a communications applications components provider, and Huawei Technologies (Shenzhen, China), a telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider, announced an agreement for next-generation optical-networking systems. Under the agreement, Huawei will use Agere's network infrastructure products and technologies to build communications systems that will help provide high-speed broadband and Internet access to millions of homes and businesses in China.

Alcatel (Paris) received a multimillion-dollar contract from China Telecom to expand the metropolitan network in Xi'an in Northwest China. Under the deal, Alcatel will supply its Lambda Gate optical gateway to ensure a smooth build-out of the city's information network architecture in the coming years. Alcatel will deploy the system in four key sites to flexibly interconnect the network fabric constituting Xi'an's metropolitan transmission infrastructure. Alcatel will also supply its integrated network-management system to ensure end-to-end control, network protection and restoration, and fast provisioning of services.

World Wide Packets (Veradale, WA), a solutions provider for Ethernet broadband connectivity, and Hitachi Information Technology Co. Ltd. (Tokyo) announced an agreement establishing a strategic Ethernet-to-the-subscriber broadband partnership in Japan. Under the agreement, World Wide Packets and Hitachi-IT will offer customers broadband solutions designed to address the multitenant and multidwelling markets in Japan.

Asia Global Crossing (Taipei, Taiwan) has been awarded the Concession License for International Submarine Cable Circuit Leasing Business by Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communications. The license allows Asia Global Crossing Taiwan to provide international bandwidth services, including international private line and indefeasible rights of use in Taiwan.

Unisphere Networks Inc. (Westford, MA), an IP infrastructure provider, announced that Shandong Unicom (Hong Kong) has selected Unisphere Networks' ERX-1400 Edge Router to build-out phase one of Shandong Unicom's new IP City Network. Shandong Unicom will install the ERX-1400 in seven cities across the province. Shandong Unicom is creating an IP-based city network, offering a complete range of services to customers across the province.

Africa · Middle East · AustraliaSouthern Cross Cables (Bermuda) has selected Nortel Networks (Brampton, Ontario) to supply ultra-long-haul DWDM optical transmission equipment for the terrestrial portion of a 30,500-km submarine cable network linking the U.S. mainland to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. Southern Cross will deploy Nortel Networks' OPTera Long Haul 4000 Optical Line System to provide data connectivity between cable landing sites on the U.S. mainland.

The Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet-Canberra, Australia) activated its transpacific optical-fiber connection to the Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) at the University of Washington (Seattle). PNWGP is a primary interconnection point for advanced research and education networks in Canada, the United States, and now the Pacific Rim. Dual 155-Mbit/sec connections traversing physically diverse paths allow the Australian research community to communicate with researchers and have access to advanced research resources and apparatus in Canada and the United States.

Asia Global Crossing launched its tele communications services platform in Sydney, Australia. The new platform will allow multinational enterprises in Sydney to benefit from the 200-city Asia Global Crossing network.

Lightscape Networks (Petah Tikva, Israel), a provider of optical networking, has signed a contract to supply a local-exchange carrier with next-generation optical-networking technology. Open Joint-stock Company "Moscow City Telephone Network" (Russia) will implement Lightscape Networks' XDM optical platform within its MAN to eliminate bottlenecks and support regional voice, data, and broadband services.

"Industry Update" is compiled by Contributing Editor Stephanie Levy, [email protected].

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