51° signs partnership with mNET Internet

24 July 2003 London Lightwave Europe -- 51 Degrees (51°), a telecommunications infrastructure provider for London, has signed a deal with mNET Internet to deliver Ethernet connectivity solutions to the corporate market.

24 July 2003 London -- 51 Degrees (51°), a telecommunications infrastructure provider for London, has signed a deal with mNET Internet to deliver Ethernet connectivity solutions to the corporate market.

As a Level(3) Enabled Premier Partner, mNET is exploiting the competitive and resilient network offered by 51° to package tailored solutions for Direct Internet Access, voice over IP, videoconferencing and storage area networks.

Aggressive pricing and a recently launched marketing campaign by mNET has led to a huge demand for these services, with over GBP 50,000 of orders being placed in the first few weeks of the partnership, says 51º.

Paul Girvin, Sales and Marketing Director at 51°, said, "With the power ducts of our parent company EDF Energy already in place, our network extends into London's busiest districts and provides direct access into customers' premises. We have no need to trench the roads and can therefore offer an incredibly competitive Ethernet solution."

"In prime locations such as Victoria, Soho, Waterloo and Holborn, we have duct and fibre at the doorsteps of many of the major bandwidth users such as The Bank of Japan, Accenture, Lloyds Register and the Herald Tribune," adds Girvin. "No other service provider in London is able to offer the same level of on net data to its customers."

"Ethernet transport will become the norm for delivery of serious bandwidth," comments Peter Knight, Managing Director, mNET. "At long last a company has emerged � namely 51° - which gives all of London a real alternative to BT and enables us to deliver unprecedented amounts of Level(3) Internet access at prices never seen before."

51° recently increased its already unrivalled reach across London with five new points of presence (PoPs) in the Telemetro, Telecity 1, Level(3) Braham Street, and Redbus 2 and 3 carrier neutral locations. The forecast is for 30 PoPs by the end of the year (20 colocation/10 wholly owned).

51 Degrees
51° has created a high speed private network of 145km circling London with cross meshing extending into the capital's busiest districts and with suitable ducting to provide direct access into customer's buildings. 51° has five carrier grade nodes of it own plus presence in 13 carrier neutral hotels. On top of this, the company's portfolio of London properties offers 45 aggregation points around the capital.

The company offers connectivity throughout London to international and national telcos, ISPs and ASPs, systems integrators and resellers. Customers are turning to 51° for managed bandwidth up to STM64 and incremental bandwidth over an MPLS Ethernet platform scaling from 10mbps to 10GigE.

51° is owned by the utilities giant EDF, with 43 million customers in 22 countries and a turnover of EUR 40.7 billion.

mNET Internet
Part of The Margolis Group, mNET is a premier partner for Level(3) Communications, one of the world's largest IP only Tier-1 network providers. mNET offers a comprehensive range of IP services such as SDH/Ethernet Direct Internet Access (DIA), Point-to-Point connectivity, IP-VPNs, co-location and managed services.

The company provides converged services such as voice and video over IP through partnerships with Avaya, Cisco and Tandberg. mNET is committed to providing tailored, managed solutions to each of its clients with complete network management and support options available up to 1 hour on-site 24 hours per day.

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