Wandel & Goltermann names managing directors

Wandel & Goltermann names managing directors

Piero Pavoni has been named managing director at Wandel & Goltermann`s subsidiary in Italy. Before joining the company, he worked at Anritsu Wiltron Sales Co., where he held a similar position since 1989. Patrick Gianina has been appointed managing director for the company`s subsidiary in France. Previously, he held several sales and marketing positions during his 20-year tenure at Tektronix France.

Bill Reynolds has been named national marketing manager of the Premises Wiring Division at Memphis-based Thomas & Betts Inc. He is responsible for directing sales and working with national distributors. Richard Herwig has been appointed western regional sales manager for the company. Relocating to California, he will direct the efforts of distributors, sales agents and salespeople in the western region.

John H. Clark has been named chief operating officer of Atx Telecom Systems Inc., in Naperville, IL. Formerly the company`s vice president for research, development and engineering, he was a founder and managing director of Amoco Laser Co., whose growth in telecommunications evolved into Atx Telecom. Clark is responsible for subsidiaries Optical Spectrum Technology and Fibercore Ltd., which supply optical components and fiber, respectively, to Atx. Before joining Amoco Laser Co., he was associated with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Nathan Kantor has been appointed president and chief operating officer of New York-based Winstar Communications Inc. Previously, he held similar positions during his 18-year tenure at MCI International Inc. and MCI Telecommunications Corp.`s Northeast Division. He was most recently president of the ITC Group, an international consulting company that specializes in the development of emerging competitive telecommunications companies.

Robert L. Goldsmith has joined the Commercial Services Division of Qwest Communications Inc., in Denver, as senior vice president of sales and marketing. Anthony J. Brodman has been named senior vice president of strategy and planning, and Joseph J. DePetro has been appointed vice president and general manager of the Carrier Services Division. Goldsmith was formerly vice president of worldwide sales and support for MCI/BT global joint venture, Concert. He also had executive management responsibilities for MCI`s southern and southwestern sales divisions.

Brodman`s responsibilities include supervision of corporate communications and public relations and development of business plans. Previously, he was vice president and general manager of Carrier Services. DePetro, who is responsible for sales and services to other telecommunications companies, was the vice president and general manager of Commercial Services.




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