LightWave Manufacturing & Services launches 'Chameleon'

DECEMBER 19, 2008 -- According to the company, Chameleon is the highest density fiber patching system on the market, leapfrogging current fiber patching densities by a factor of six.

DECEMBER 19, 2008 -- LightWave Manufacturing & Services LLC has launched a new high-density fiber-optic patching system, dubbed "Chameleon." According to the company, it is the highest density fiber patching system on the market, leapfrogging current fiber patching densities by a factor of six.

Current fiber patching systems can patch a maximum of 288 fibers per 4U chassis, whereas Chameleon can patch 1,728 fibers in the same space. This new technology enables data centers to significantly reduce the space needed to distribute their current fiber networks, thus reducing their physical and carbon footprints, say LightWave Manufacturing & Services representatives.

David Mulsteff, owner of LightWave Manufacturing & Services, says he has seen one constant trend in the data communications industry over the past 28 years: A reduction in product size. He says this was one of the primary motivators in developing the Chameleon fiber patching system.

"The name Chameleon was chosen as it reflects the adaptability and flexibility of the system, including its ability to distribute fiber in increments of 144, 96, 72, 48, 24 or 12 fibers to multiple locations," he explains. "The Chameleon can answer the demands of large data center applications and still scale down to small office solutions by utilizing copper modules, media converters, and switching technology all in the same platform."

Traditional fiber patching systems need a minimum of 20U space for a full 1,728 fiber where Chameleon can achieve the same in 4U without increasing the per fiber cost or exceeding the fiber loss budget, Mullsteff says.

Lightwave Manufacturing & Services says additional benefits of the Chameleon Fiber-Optic Patching System include:

• Highest density available offering a maximum of 1,728 fibers per 4U chassis;
• Truly flexible system that offers compatibility with standard MTP brand, Category 5E, Media Converter, and Ethernet Switch Cassettes;
• Patent-pending patch cord system that eliminates optical crosstalk;
• Shotgun-style jacket on 144-fiber trunking cables that results in less bulk, more airflow, and greater manageability;
• A reduction in the data centers' fiber patching footprint, which increases cabinet utilization;
• Multiple rear cassette options offering flexible distribution; and
• A more 'green' network offering, thanks to the reduction in space required for fiber patching.

Distribution for the Chameleon fiber patching system is currently being handled by Cables Plus USA. An invitation is extended to other companies who may be interested in representing the Chameleon product line, says LightWave Manufacturing & Services.

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