New Lightwave China supplement

In response to strong economic growth in the Chinese optical communications industry, PennWell Corp's Lightwave magazine will publish a special Lightwave China supplement in September (written in simplified Chinese).

Distribution will comprise 12,000 copies at several Chinese trade shows and technical conferences this autumn, including the China International Photoelectronic Expo in Shenzhen, the annual conference of the Chinese Optical Society in Changchun, and the Asia Pacific Optical Wireless Communications in Shanghai.

According to a new report from KMI Corp, China's fibre demand will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11% from 10m fibre-km in 2000 to 16m fibre-km in 2005. China will install a total of 65m fibre-km of cable in its network in the next five years. Further deregulation of China's telecoms market will enable the entrance of more carriers, while entry into the World Trade Organisation will attract foreign investment in existing carriers and new carriers alike.

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