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Aspheric glass micro lens (<1mm) is one of the core components in construction of TOSA and ROSA over 40Gbps and beyond. Since aspheric glass micro lens plays an important role in the optical transmitter/receiver module, finding a supplier is just as important. MPNICS has developed a proprietary molding technology capable of producing micro lens in an array form up to 4-inch size and offer square lenses as small as 0.4mm square through our precision dicing technology. Our knowledgeable optical engineering team can custom design your lens based on the optical layout customers provide in order to design an optimized lens best suited for the application. MPNICS promises to provide best quality product through automated production management, MES and ISO quality process.

Micro-lens optimized for data center interconnect

  • Use: The laser collimation, PLC or PD coupling at TOSA and ROSA
  • Shape: Aspheric bi-convex, Aspheric plano convex
  • Material Optical glass (refractive index 1.48 ~ 1.92)
  • Lens type: Square lenses, Lens arrays, Round lens, Cylinderical lens
  • Minimum size: square lenses(horizontally and vertically0.4*0.4mm), lens arrays(pitch 0.25mm), round lens(Diameter 1.0mm), Cylinderical lens(horizontally and vertically0.4*0.4mm)
  • Low cost and high productivity and superior reliability
  • High Transmission with Low Insertion Loss
  • We offer short turnaround (in a matter of weeks) for new designs and prototypes while keeping development costs among the lowest in the industry.

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