DZS offers XCelerate by DZS 10-Gbps optical access platform family for PON, Active Ethernet architectures

July 22, 2021
DZS also announced Consolidated Communications will use elements of the portfolio to deploy XGS-PON capabilities on its optical access network.

Ahead of next week’s Fiber Connect event in Nashville, TN, DZS (NASDAQ: DZSI) has introduced the XCelerate by DZS line of 10-Gbps line cards, PON systems, and access switches. The portfolio covers GPON-to-XGS-PON, EPON to 10G EPON, and 1 Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Active Ethernet fiber broadband network transformations. DZS also announced Consolidated Communications will use elements of the portfolio to deploy XGS-PON capabilities on its optical access network.

The XCelerate line are based on a “system on a card” architecture and leverage the company’s sdNOS operating system. The portfolio architecture enables delivery of a variety on gigabit and multigigabit services on any port (a concept DZS calls “advanced services on any port” or @ASAP) The line includes:

  • The DZS Velocity V1-08XC and V1-16XC 1RU systems, which support migration from GPON to XGS-PON, non-blocking architecture, and multiple 25- and 100-Gbps uplink ports. The systems can be deployed as fixed, modular, aggregated or disaggregated OLTs. The V1-16XC unit also offers double port density in the same form factor, Native NetConf/YANG and integrated timing for mobile backhaul support.
  • Several line cards, including for deployment in V2 (2RU, 2 slot), V14 (14RU, 14 slot) and V16 (14RU, 16 slot) chassis. The card line includes iterations that are Combo XGS-PON capable as well as dedicated XGS-PON and 100GE Fabric Aggregation Transport/Uplink cards. The cards are designed to accommodate future 25GS-PON and 50G PON as well. The cards also support native Netconf/YANG management and integrated timing for mobile backhaul support.
  • The DZS Velocity V1-24XG, V1-24XT, V1-24GG, and V1-24GT Gigabit Ethernet access switches offer 24 port, Layer 2, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps optical or electrical subscriber interfaces. They also are compatible with NetComf/YANG management and control and provide up to 100 Gbps (4x 25 Gbps) total uplink capacity in a 1RU form factor.

“XCelerate by DZS represents a true technology breakthrough in the industry – enabling service providers to leverage each port in a new line of fixed form factor and small and large chassis systems to serve a variety of 10 gig-class services, depending on the needs of the end users,” asserted Miguel Alonso, vice president of global product Management at DZS. “Furthermore, our unique ‘system-on-a-card’ innovation enables a non-blocking architecture for an unimpeded leap to not only multi-gigabit services, but also the ability to evolve seamlessly to a disaggregated, software-driven architecture with ease while leveraging the same systems.

“This combination can be game-changing for service providers and the economics and timing of their network transformation, allowing them the flexibility to evolve at their own pace, and even accelerate if and when necessary, without having to replace hardware along the way,” Alonso continued. “We believe that this blows away estimated cost savings of 50% and higher often attributed to traditional combo cards as XCelerate by DZS class systems can support multi-gigabit on any port and transformation to disaggregated architectures in the same systems and are not aware of any other access vendors offering this level of versatility and value.”

DZS will display the XCelerate by DZS family in booth 215 at Fiber Connect 2021 Conference & Expo, July 26-27, 2021 in Nashville, TN.

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