euNetworks deploys more hollowcore fiber cable

March 8, 2022
The link is said to be the longest installation so far of Lumenisity’s CoreSmart hollowcore fiber cable, although even longer deployments are planned.

euNetworks Fiber UK Ltd. says it recently has deployed a 7-km link using hollowcore fiber cabling from Lumenisity. The link is the longest installation to date of Lumenisity’s CoreSmart hollowcore fiber cable, although even longer deployments are planned.

The link connects Digital Realty’s Interxion LON1 data center and The London Stock Exchange’s new data center in London’s Docklands.

The new link is the second announced deployment of cables with Lumenisity’s nested anti-resonant nodeless fiber (NANF) hollowcore fibers; euNetworks revealed the first deployment last May (see “euNetworks decreases latency with Lumenisity hollowcore fiber cable deployment”). The fiber network services provider values the lower latency – a 50% improvement in transmission speed and 33% latency reduction over standard single-mode fiber, euNetworks and Lumenisity say – such fiber provides. Round trip transmission sees a savings of 3μs per km, they say, which euNetworks’ financial trading customers using euNetwork’s euTrade platform appreciate. applications. The lower latency properties also can enable greater distance between data centers at the same latency as those connected via single-mode cabling, the companies add.

“We're excited to be moving through our roadmap of hollowcore fiber deployment with Lumenisity, leading the way in integrating new and innovative technology into our network,” said Paula Cogan, president, euNetworks. “We continue to be focused on delivering the best possible bandwidth solutions for our customers and look forward to deploying longer routes with Lumenisity in the coming quarters.”

“We’re very pleased to partner with euNetworks again on a new deployment in London, enabling them to deliver the lowest latency performance for their customers using our CoreSmart cable,” added Tony Pearson, vice president, sales and marketing at Lumenisity. “We are excited to develop our relationship with such a strong partner and provide a cable solution with increasingly longer reach with each development.”

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