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Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

At Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), we are a recognized leader in innovation, design, and development of advanced and integrated end-to-end solutions. We specialize in the manufacturi...
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Passive Optical Network Equipment

Tii Technologies Inc

Tii Technologies is a leader in providing the communications industry with fiber and copper products supporting the ever-changing demands of today’s broadband networks.

Vitex LLC

Vitex is a solution provider specializing in high speed transceivers 10G/25G/40G/100G/400G, fiber optic components ROSA and TOSA and passive optical components for telecom and...

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Customer Testimonial: Sumitomo Electric's Q102-M12+ Ribbon Fiber Splicer
Splices and Splicers

Customer Testimonial: Sumitomo Electric's Q102-M12+ Ribbon Fiber Splicer

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave launched the Next Generation of Ribbon Fiber Splicers in 2023 with the introduction of the Q102-M12+. Hear from valued customer Lightwave Construction...
Specialty Fiber

Networking a Network with an Air-blown Infrastructure

An air-blown fiber installation is providing the Time Warner Center in New York City with a network that’s designed to adapt to emerging technologies. In one of the largest...
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave's 3456f Preterminated Cable Solutions
Multimode Fiber

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave's 3456f Preterminated Cable Solutions

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) has developed a 3456-fiber pre-connectorized ultra-high-fiber-count (UHFC) optical fiber cable that uses 200 µm Freeform Ribbon™ ...
Fusion Splicing in the Coldest Place in Japan ~Long version~
Splices and Splicers

Fusion Splicing in the Coldest Place in Japan ~Long version~

This video introduces fusion splicing performed by TSUKEN Co., Ltd. in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, using the new cold-resistant fusion splicer. With the idea of listening to feedback...
Splices and Splicers

Case Study: Gameday-Ready Networks

In August 2019, this was the question the University of Notre Dame faced. The university needed to upgrade their fiber backbone to support cameras, remote kits and other related...
Specialty Fiber

FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® Solutions

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® offers unprecedented ease of installation, flexibility, and cost savings for current and future network...
Multimode Fiber

Unveiling Crucial Yet Overlooked Details in Fiber Optic Data Center Builds for 2024

The fiber optic industry, ever-evolving, is poised for remarkable transformations in 2024. Keeping abreast of these advancements is crucial for fiber optic experts tasked with...
Splices and Splicers


Sumitomo Electric announces the release of the Q102-M12+ – the next generation of ribbon fiber splicers. The new AI-enabled Q102-M12+ with NanoTune™ technology is ...
Splice Closures/Modules/Trays

A Move to Overhead Trays

Over the last several decades, cable management, routing cross connects, backbone, or trunk cables through a DC facility, has gradually migrated from utilizing the space under...
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Multimode Fiber

Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Sumitomo Electric Toyama Co., Ltd.

On July 9, I participated in the 50th anniversary ceremony of Sumitomo Electric Toyama Co., Ltd.Since the launch of production of aluminum wires in 1973, Sumitomo Electric Toyama...
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Specialty Fiber

Optical fibers and optical fiber cables

What is an optical fiber?An optical fiber is made from glass that is as thin as a human hair. This high-performance medium can transmit optical signals over dozens of kilometers...
Multimode Fiber

Sumitomo Electric Launches World’s First Mass-produced Ultra-low Loss, Multi-core Fiber

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has realized the world’s first mass-production of ultra-low loss, multi-core fiber “2C Z-PLUS Fiber™ ULL,” and will launch its sales in October...
Splice Closures/Modules/Trays

Space Savings: UHFC Passive Data Center in a Single Rack

As data center facilities (DC) expand and change to meet increasing processing and storage demands, time, budget, and physical space needs can become tighter and tighter and harder...
Splices and Splicers

Ribbon Splicing. Redefined. Introducing the Q102-M12+ Ribbon Fiber Splicer and JR-7 Thermal Jacket Remover.

Sumitomo Electric announced the release of the Q102-M12+ – an AI-enabled ribbon fiber splicer – and an advanced thermal jacket remover, the JR-7 at the BICSI Fall ...
Splice Closures/Modules/Trays

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s 3RU Rack-Mounted Splice Enclosure Honored by 2023 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards

[Raleigh, NC, Sep 11, 2023] – Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), a Sumitomo Electric Industries Group company, announced today that its 3RU Rack-Mounted Splice Enclosure...
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FDH Series Fiber Distribution Hubs

Offers FDH Series Fiber Distribution Hubs including: FDH1 Series Fiber Distribution HubFDH2 Series Fiber Distribution HubFDH5 Series Modular Pole/Pad Mount EnclosureFDH6 Series...
169 F 2021
Splice Closures/Modules/Trays

FISS Series Fiber Interface Slack Storage Devices

Offers FISS Series Fiber Interface Slack Storage units including:169F Series Fiber Interface Device171F Series Fiber Transition Enclosure506F Series Fiber Interface Device/Slack...
Fmc Display Wall Installation New Door Rg Shelf
Splice Closures/Modules/Trays

FMC Series Structured Wire Flush Mount Closures

Provides ease of installation and efficient organization of ONTs, battery back-up and residential gateways. Modular design with rear and door mounting pattern give a wide latitude...
Splice Closures/Modules/Trays

HCC Series Hybrid Connectivity Closures

Offers HCC Series Hybrid Connectivity Closures including:HCCB Series Hybrid Fiber Optic/Copper Enclosure HCCH-LC Series Modular Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) EnclosureHCCH-SC Series...
Splice Closures/Modules/Trays

Fiber Splitter Series

Offers Fiber Optic Splitters including:CPR Series Fiber Optic 1×2 Coupler/Splitter FSC Series Optical Fiber Splitter Chassis FSMx Series Fiber Splitter Module LPS Series Low Profile...
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Patch Panels

Fiber Rack Mount Series

Offers Fiber Rackmount Enclosures including:RM1U2B Rackmount Fiber Distribution Panel RM1U2S Swingout Patch and Splice Panel RM1U3B Series Rackmount Fiber Distribution Panel RM1UBSS...