Santec debuts an O-band version of its swept photonics analyzer

Sept. 14, 2023
The company targets photonic integrated circuits (PICs), fiber optic elements, and short cable assembly opportunities.

Santec has launched an O-band of its swept photonics SPA-100, broadening its reach to serve other band configurations. 

Previously exclusive to the CL band, the Santec SPA-100, is now accessible in an O-band configuration (1260nm to 1350nm). Leveraging the sweeping range of Santec’s tunable laser, the system has what it claims to be a high-resolution reflectometer(<6µm).

Like its CL band counterpart, the O-band version is well suited for analyzing compact components such as photonic integrated circuits (PICs), fiber optic elements, and short cable assemblies due to its sub-6µm resolution.

The provided software presents a trace illustrating reflectance and loss events, offering the ability to pinpoint faults and assess parameters like waveguide length and refractive index.

Beyond yielding a reflectance trace, the SPA-100 system uses coherent detection technology to perform transmissive wavelength-dependent loss measurement with a wide dynamic range of better than 70dB in a single scan, saving measurement time without changing optical power meter ranges.

A patented proximity sensing function allows the fiber probe to sense the distance between the probe and the silicon wafer to facilitate alignment during the wafer-level characterization process in a silicon photonic chip production line.

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