Santec offers new polarization maintaining variable attenuator

Sept. 28, 2023
The company’s new Optical Variable Attenuator, OVA-100, can be used as a benchtop or rackmount instrument.

Santec is serving up its new polarization-maintaining (PM) OVA-100 optical variable attenuator.

Ideal for lab and production applications, including power level adjustments in automated test systems, Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) of transceivers, and channel equalization in WDM systems, the OVA-100 enables precise optical power control featuring high accuracy and repeatability.

With a PER > 23 dB, the PM OVA-100 is invisible to each application. Featuring an attenuation range of 60 or 100 dB, covering a wide wavelength range from 1200 to 1700 nm and t ± 0.01 dB repeatability, the PM OVA-100 is built with Panda PM fiber.

The power monitoring option can auto-adjust the attenuation to achieve a constant power level. The small 2U benchtop form factor can have up to 4 channels and be integrated into a rack system using a rack mount kit.

For higher channel counts, up to 8 channels, a larger 3U rack mount enclosure is available. OVA-100 can be seamlessly integrated into different test setups using SCPI commands via USB or Ethernet. Additionally, it features a standard front panel touchscreen for convenient local control.

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