Distributed-feedback laser diode

Jun 1st, 1996

Distributed-feedback laser diode

The NDL7620P1/P2 distributed-feedback laser diode serves trunk-line optical-fiber communications networks. Operating to 2.5 Gbits/sec, the laser diode suits high-speed digital telecommunications, including Sonet OC-48, SDH STM-16 and digital video markets. The multiquantum-well DFB laser diode is housed in a coaxial-cable package and is capable of oscillating in the single longitudinal mode, even while under direct high-speed modulation. It contains a built-in optical isolator and has a transmission wavelength of 1310 nm. Scheduled for mass production this month, the laser diode is available in two modules, each with 9/125-micron singlemode optical fiber. The P1 and P2 have a horizontal and vertical flange, respectively, and are expected to be sold for approximately $1800 in quantities of 1000.

NEC Electronics Inc.

Mountain View, CA

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