3S Photonics to introduce 980-nm pump laser modules at OFC/NFOEC

MARCH 16, 2009 -- At OFC/NFOEC, 3S PHOTONICS will unveil its 1999 HEP and 2000 CHP series 980-nm pump laser modules for EDFA applications.

MARCH 16, 2009 -- 3S PHOTONICS (search Lightwave for 3S PHOTONICS), a manufacturer of optical components for telecom networks, will unveil its new high-efficiency 1999 HEP series 980-nm pump laser modules, at OFC/NFOEC in San Diego, March 24-26. The 1999 HEP delivers up to 500-mW ex-fiber output power for telecom applications in EDFA environments with stringent power requirements.

The company will also introduce the 2000 CHP series 980-nm pump module, which delivers up to 820-mW ex-fiber output power. The 2000 CHP module enables higher output power for EDFAs, reducing component count and lowering cost and power dissipation, while allowing extended operating ranges and an improved noise figure performance, says 3S Photonics.


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