OFC 2003 preview 25–27 March, Atlanta

March 1, 2003

Phyworks is a venture-capital-backed fabless semiconductor company, headquartered in the UK. During its tradeshow debut, it will preview a range of 10Gbit/s PHY ICs containing electronic dispersion compensation (EDC), which are targeted at both telecom and datacom (LAN and SAN) applications and offering what it calls the best available combination of performance, power consumption, size and price.

Phyworks EDC technology is designed to increase the reach of optical links and to allow lower-cost transmitter components to be used, greatly reducing the cost of 10Gbit/s transponder and transceiver modules.

www.phyworks.comBooth 7625

Two new bend-insensitive fibres are designed for improved bend performance in low-radius applications.

A slightly higher NA than standard single-mode fibres delivers lower bend loss at 1310 and 1550nm without significantly affecting splicing performance.

The fibre is available in a 125µm or 80µm clad diameter and higher NA for more demanding applications. It is suitable for tight-bend-radius conditions, multiple fibre wraps on a mandrel, fused fibre couplers, and fibre-optic sensors.

Booth 3204

Ulm Photonics' 10Gbit/s VCSEL chips can be packaged in a Schott TO-46/56 can, LC TOSA or shipped as bare die in serial or array configurations.

The TO-46/56 shows best fit to established applications like TOSA. The VCSEL shows excellent lifetime in accelerated aging environments.

www.ulm-photonics.deBooth 4408A

In response to industry size and cost-reduction concerns, Egide's 10Gbit/s PIN Detector package measures 10.8x9.6mm2.

The detectors are produced by metal injection molding (MIM) and multi-layered ceramic technologies (HTCC).

The package offers 12 DC pins on the side walls, differential RF access with GSGSG design facing the optics (50Ω, S11< –20dB and S21 > –0.4dB up to 16GHz), full hermeticity and compliance with MIL-883-STD.

For thermal management there are two versions: a full ceramic and a Cu/W base package. Optical transmission exceeds 99.5% over 1260–1630nm by integrating a ball lens into the Kovar frame.

www.egideuk.comBooth 2556

ATI Optique has expanded its range with a new collimator inserted inside the metallic ferule.

While not designed to be a connector, the collimator is a convenient mechanical fixture. It can ease assembly in front of an emitter or receiver through an FC receptacle. With a detachable collimator cleaning or replacement becomes more convenient, the company says.

www.ati-electronique.frBooth 2406

Joining its range of 1310nm Fabry–Pérot laser chips for up to 2.5Gbit/s modulation speeds, Modulight's 10Gbit/s 1310nm FP is designed for uncooled serial 10Gbit/s transceivers and transponders in VSR links.

Combined with a sub-1nm spectral linewidth and good beam shape, it targets cost-effective sub-2km applications such as OC-192 and OIF VSR-4 transponders.

www.modulight.comBooth 6511

DA-LightCom's DAL-40-PA-KIT-2P12-V 40Gbit/s design kit includes two single-stage module amplifiers equipped with V connectors. Both operate at 30–40GHz. One has 11dB gain and provides >3.5Vpp with a single 5VDC supply; the other 14dB gain and up to 6Vpp, using <1W.

The kit uses a low-noise process and gives "excellent" eye diagrams.

www.da-light.comBooth 7272

Distributor AMS Technologies' Fiberoptic Division is presenting high-bandwidth optical receivers for 10 and 40Gbit/s in a small co-planar package.

This is said to improve the performance and reliability of infrastructures for city, access and long-haul networks.

Also, on show are small-form-factor amplifiers and filters, MEMS technologies, modulators, and pump laser diodes.

There are also active components such as photodiodes, FP and DFB lasers, integrated silicon-based components, and passives including DWDM filters, isolators and couplers.

Booth 2561

Oxford Lasers' FBG UltraScan system is a turnkey solution for the development and production of FBGs, from simple frequency lockers to filters and dispersion compensators.

The basic system has all components for producing simple gratings. Options allow writing of high-quality, complex gratings either directly or interferometrically. Scanning optics and stages plus an apodisation option enable production of apodised gratings.

www.oxfordlasers.comBooth 3720

Prior Scientific's PriorSpec II portable fibre-optic inspection microscope offers a simple-to-use modern, compact and robust design.

New features include a precision focusing mechanism. Magnification can be altered by changing the eyepiece. A zooming eyepiece can provide magnification of 200x–400x.

For the production environment, Prior's ConnCert automatically identifies defects as small as 0.3mm on fibre connector surfaces. Use of an LED offers excellent light quality, low heat output and long life. A laser filter is built in.

www.prior.comBooth 2760

Optoquest's Reel Lite ultra-compact reels include:

  • Spool 1 HG — a flame-resistant model with lower gas emission, recommended for mounting inside equipment and vapour deposition.
  • Spool 1 ST — economical and suitable for terminal processing, packaging and shipping.
  • Spool 2 ST — for the processing of core fibres and tape fibres as well as the storage of extra length of fibre intended for fibre-to-the-home cables.

Booth 7353

NKT Integration's monolithically integrated EDWAs demonstrate 20dB of gain across the C-band with 100mW of 980nm pump power, while maintaining a noise figure below 4.5dB.

The EDWA technology offers compatibility with passive waveguide circuits, forming multi-functionality on chip. It enables integration of multiple amplifiers together with passive functions such as splitters, couplers, AWG, VOA etc on a silica-on-silicon chip.

NKT says it will offer foundry services from Q2/2003. Furthermore, fully integrated gain block array modules integrating 4–8 amplifiers will be available from Q4/2003.

www.nktintegration.comBooth 3931

Senko Advanced Components claims to be the first official licensee of the new LC Unibody and APC Fiber Optic Connector Series.

The OFS-designed LC Unibody features a one-piece design said to improve side-pull performance and meet the requirements of Telcordia GR-326-CORE.

The licensing agreement includes a certification programme whereby an LC Certification from OFS is provided.

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