CableLabs subsidiary Kyrio launches Adaptive Route Control software

Oct. 6, 2021
ARC technology empowers operators to automatically route traffic over the best quality network in real time, delivering better customer experiences.

Kyrio on Oct. 5 announced the official launch its of Adaptive Route Control (ARC) platform, billed as a software tool that allows network service providers to smoothly transition customer traffic between different networks, delivering a seamless connectivity experience so that network users might remain reliably connected to the best available network from at home, at work, or wherever they happen to be.

Ike Elliott, president of Kyrio, explains the platform thusly:

“We worked closely with multiple network providers all over the world to develop ARC, ensuring this unique solution meets their smart hybrid access needs. Until ARC, mobile network providers did not have adequate control over the customer experience on Wi-Fi. Sometimes our smartphones won’t let go of a connection that is not working well — so we simply cannot pass data, and the mobile service provider has been powerless to intervene. Our ARC technology automatically routes traffic over the best quality network, freeing users from manually troubleshooting network connectivity issues, while also creating opportunities for operators to route traffic over lower-cost networks when those networks are providing great service.”

As built by CableLabs' wholly owned subsidiary Kyrio, the ARC technology adds network and application awareness to traditional mobile traffic routing, without requiring any changes to the mobile device or the network infrastructure. By empowering network service providers to make multiple wireless and fixed network technologies work together, ARC stands to deliver improved customer experiences and cost savings for customers and operators, says the company.

Mario Di Dio, Kyrio’s vice president of Software and Network Technology, commented:

“ARC’s mobile traffic routing technology fills the gaps in network-centric and user-centric mobile routing solutions by giving full control of the traffic routing configuration to operators. The solution is resonating — three network operators have already adopted the technology, with more trials on deck with both network operators as well as home and business router manufacturers.”

Kyrio notes that "ARC enhances the mobile user experience and eliminates the need for customers to switch manually or issue a customer service complaint when they experience a bad connection. Additionally, ARC provides a flexible tool set that enables operators to create per-application-type policies that are optimized using real-time network performance indicators derived from all users connected to the network, ultimately creating happier, more loyal customers and reducing churn," adds a company statement.

Elliott and Di Dio will be demonstrating the advantages of ARC technology at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo on Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021, from 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (EDT) during a virtual presentation titled, “Making Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks Work Together.”

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