Pre-terminated Solutions For Your Next UHFC Data Center

Oct. 25, 2023

The increased demand and massive scale of off-campus data storage and processing have led to the expansion of both multi-tenant and hyperscale data centers. To meet demand, ultra-high-density networking solutions, often with redundances incorporated, are a must. By definition, a hyperscale facility assumes a minimum of 5,000 servers and 500 racks, necessitating the use of approximately 3.24M optical fibers requiring approximately 6.48M terminations. Pre-terminated solutions meet these requirements while saving time and reducing the complexity of your data center.

While pre-terminated cabling solutions do require the upfront work of precisely measuring out each connection point within your network and limit some flexibility once on site – you can not make the cables longer than they are once completed – there are many benefits that can be achieved using this method of deployment.

Desired Performance Out of the Box

The most obvious benefit of a factory/clean room-terminated and tested product is that it meets established performance metrics with minimal effort and liability. There are also many other ways this guaranteed performance is of value to a data center:


  • Consistent network performance levels that are not reliant on the skill level of the installer
  • Consistent network performance no matter the requirements:
    • Industrial deployments: harsh/dirty environments
    • Banking: exact length
    • Fed/gov: security
  • Maintenance of service level agreements with customers thanks to reduced downtime during installation, MACs and performance testing


Reduced Deployment Complexity


See the SEL’s pre-terminated cable solutions in action

All decisions regarding cable lengths, the number of splices, connector types, etc., are typically made during the design phase of the data center project. This planning not only provides simplified budgets and lead times, but it also ensures the finished product is delivered to the facility ready for a “plug and play” installation. Reduced deployment complexity means:


  • Less disruption during brown field installations
  • Fewer Part Numbers equals less storage and inventory management
  • No consumables needed
  • Reduced waste and need for removal


Reduced Deployment Time

Designed for rapid deployment, pre-terminated fiber cabling solutions are estimated to reduce installation time by 40 – 80 percent depending on the data center’s size. This is because there is no need for field terminations reducing the labor hours required to deploy (ex. approximately 6.48M terminations for a hyperscale facility).

Lower Overall Cost

While exact deployment costs depend on each data center’s specific requirements, a typical passive infrastructure build (greenfield) allocates approximately 40 percent of its budget to labor. Assuming an average of two minutes per fusion splice and an industry average of $60-$120/hr. per fusion splice, you can see how quickly the “additional cost” of a pre-terminated solution becomes a significant cost saver. Additional savings are found in reduced product waste, the lack of consumables needed for the splicing process, the cost of the consumable itself, and shipping and storage costs.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave experts can assist you in determining how pre-terminated solutions can help you meet increased demand while saving time and reducing the complexity of your data center.

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