Lucent announces four optical contract awards at CeBIT 2004

17 March 2004 Hannover, Germany -- At CeBIT 2004, Lucent Chairman and CEO Pat Russo announced 17 contracts with a potential total value of more than $300 million, including four optical contracts. T-Com has selected Lucent equipment for a network expansion and a network management upgrade. Lucent will also provide optical equipment to Spanish service provider Telefónica and Russian local exchange carrier OAO Moscow City Telephone Network.

17 March 2004 Hannover, Germany -- At a press conference to kick-off Lucent's presence at CeBIT 2004 in Hannover, Germany, Lucent Technologies' Chairman and CEO Pat Russo announced 17 contracts with an estimated potential total value of more than $300 million, including four in the optical space. T-Com, the fixed line business of Deutsche Telekom has selected Lucent equipment for an optical network expansion as well as an optical network management upgrade. Lucent will also provide optical equipment to Spanish service provider Telefónica and Russian local exchange carrier OAO Moscow City Telephone Network.

T-Com selects Lucent for optical network expansion

T-Com, the fixed line business unit of Deutsche Telekom, has selected Lucent Technologies to upgrade its optical transport network to meet increased data demand from the expansion of Deutsche Telekom's nationwide broadband access business.

Per the two-year contract, potentially worth a few hundreds of millions of dollars, Lucent will supply optical networking technology to help T-Com expand its network to meet business and residential customers' growing bandwidth demand for data applications.

Used together, Lucent's optical solutions will help T-Com reduce network complexity and operating expenses, through lowering the cost of deploying and supporting services. This contract extension introduces a new product in the access part of the transport network, the Metropolis AMS, a compact access multiplexer. In the metro network, scalability and density improvements are being introduced on the Metropolis ADM platform. In the Metro Core and Backbone network, 40-Gbit/sec optical upgrades and other capacity-enhancing modules on Lucent's LambdaUnite MultiService Switch will be added. Additionally, Lucent TransLAN Gigabit Ethernet cards are being introduced throughout all network layers.

As part of the continuing network upgrade, Lucent Worldwide Services (LWS) engineers and T-Com are swapping out older optical switches for the LambdaUnite MultiService Switch. In December 2003, Lucent and T-Com engineers switched 10,000 transmission paths to the more powerful LambdaUnite network node in T-Com's Networking Center in Cologne. LWS developed a software tool to support its engineers at the T-Com site that allowed them to automatically swap all paths in less than three days, rather than the 5,000 hours it usually takes to complete a project of this size. The actual hardware swap was completed in just two hours.

T-Com to deploy Lucent OneVision

In a related release, Lucent announced a multi-million dollar contract extension also with T-Com to integrate an upgraded version of its multi-vendor network management software into T-Com's optical network. The contract extension will run through 2005, and Lucent Worldwide Services will perform testing, deployment and program management.

The Lucent OneVision network management software allows T-Com to manage its multi-vendor, multi-domain optical network through a single, integrated software system, reducing operational and capital expenditures. The upgraded software release will double the current system's capacity, providing centralized configuration, performance, fault and capacity management across multiple domains for more than 20,000 network elements and one million paths. In addition, 120 network managers will be able to provision new paths simultaneously.

The current version of the OneVision software, already deployed by T-Com, offers end-to-end network management for approximately 18,000 network elements and 500,000 paths. It also allows T-Com to provision advanced new services such as Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet services as well as optical Virtual Private Networks.

OneVision is part of the Lucent Navis iOperations Software portfolio of open, standards-based network and element management systems.

Telefónica upgrades national network in Spain with Lucent's LambdaUnite MSS

Telefónica de Espana, the largest service provider in Spain, has selected Lucent to supply next-generation optical networking solutions that will allow Telefonica to expand its network. Telefonica has successfully deployed Lucent's LambdaUnite MultiService Switch (MSS) to upgrade its network to high-capacity switching, deliver speeds up to 40 Gbits/sec, and offer new value-added services. The financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Telefonica is currently rolling out Gigabit Ethernet services in its Spanish network using Lucent's optical networking systems. Ethernet over optical services allow corporate customers to connect their LANs in different locations across the country, allowing the efficient sharing of resources and information.

Developed by Bell Labs scientists specifically to bridge traffic between data-intense metro networks and high-speed optical core networks, the LambdaUnite MSS enables service providers like Telefónica to upgrade their networks and allow them to deliver new value-added services such as Gigabit Ethernet. The compact size and low energy requirements of LambdaUnite MSS also mean operators can make significant cost savings compared to traditional systems. The single-shelf system was recently optimized for smaller metro applications, supporting in-service upgrades from 160 Gbits/sec to 320 Gbits/sec, as well as to 640 Gbits/sec, allowing the system to grow when network capacity increases. Mesh restoration capabilities were also added to help carriers migrate to new mesh-based networks, while at the same time leveraging traditional restoration architectures.

Lucent tapped for telephone network modernization in Moscow

OAO Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS), the largest Russian local exchange carrier, has selected Lucent to participate in the modernization of the Moscow public telephone network. This agreement is the first step in rolling out the MGTS network modernization program already announced by the operator to digitize the network, allowing the introduction of new value-added services.

Lucent will supply its 5ESS switching system, which will be installed at the operator's facility in Tushino, one of the most densely populated districts in Moscow. For MGTS's SDH transport network extension, Lucent will deploy its Metropolis ADM Multiservice Mux (Compact shelf) optical multiplexers and introduce Geographical Redundancy Functionality for Lucent's WaveStar ITM-SC Management System already in the network. Lucent Worldwide Services will provide installation and engineering services for the deployment. The total value of the project is about $3.5 million.

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