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Bristol Instruments is a world leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation. Its proven Michelson interferometer and Fizeau etalon technologies ensure that its products provide reliably accurate measurements for scientists and engineers who are involved in scientific research, fiber communications, and optical metrology. Bristol's flagship products accurately characterize the wavelength and spectral properties of lasers used by researchers at universities, government laboratories, and industrial laboratories. They are also used for the development and production testing of laser transmitters used in optical fiber communications. In addition, Bristol Instruments provides products to measure critical physical dimensions of materials such as plastic films, medical membranes, glass tubing, and ophthalmic products.

Bristol Instruments offers a family of optical wavelength meters specifically designed for WDM testing applications. These instruments are ideal for the precise wavelength characterization of tunable WDM lasers, DFB lasers, and VCSELs. They can also be used to calibrate passive WDM component test equipment such as optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs). Bristol Instruments offers the fastest WDM wavelength measurement available with speeds as high as 1 kHz. Bristol Instruments also offers multi-wavelength meters for testing WDM signals. Wavelength, power, and OSNR of as many as 1000 optical channels can be measured simultaneously to fully characterize a WDM transmission system.

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