SENKO grants CommScope SN connectors and adapters license

Nov. 19, 2020

CommScope and SENKO Advanced Components, Inc. say they have signed a technology transfer and patent license agreement that will enable CommScope to manufacture SN connectors and adapters. The duplex SN connector is designed for use in hyperscale, edge, enterprise, and co-location data center interconnect (DCI) applications.

SENKO unveiled the SN fiber connector in 2019 (see “SENKO Advanced Components SN Connector”). The connector is expected to prove particularly useful in support 4x100G breakout applications. For this reason, the members of the QSFP-DD and OSFP MSAs have adopted the SN for their optical transceivers. SN also enables greater fiber density (up to 3X) and capacity for existing fiber-optic cassettes and patch panels.

“The very small form factor (VSFF) SN connector provides individual and independent duplex fiber breakout at a range of quad-style transceivers form factors including the quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP), quad small form-factor pluggable double density (QSFP-DD), and octal small form-factor pluggable (OSFP),” said John Schmidt, vice president, Cloud Hyperscale Solutions at CommScope. “The SN connector is more efficient, reliable, and scalable than previous small form-factor connectors like the LC. This is why we feel the SN has a bright future in the cloud hyperscale market space for years to come.”

“CommScope is an industry-leading solution company in the datacom, telecom, and wireless markets,” said Jim Hasegawa, executive vice president at SENKO. “We are very excited about our partnership and CommScope’s adoption of SN connector technology to their platform. We foresee the SN interface as synonymous with high-speed DCI and wireless fronthaul connectivity, especially with the standardization effort of the SN at the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).”

This is the second license agreement for the SN SENKO has revealed recently. The company also has granted AFL a license to manufacture the connector (see “SENKO grants AFL license to manufacture SN connectors and adapters”).

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