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Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

At Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), we are a recognized leader in innovation, design, and development of advanced and integrated end-to-end solutions. We specialize in the manufacturi...

SANWA Technologies, Inc.

Develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of innovative connectivity solutions to meet the expectations of our customers.
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Discovery Semiconductors Inc

Discovery Semiconductors is an industry leader in manufacturing ultrafast, high optical power handling InGaAs photodetectors, RF over fiber optical receivers, balanced optical...
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Connector Components

US Conec Ltd

US Conec is a leader in providing passive components for high density optical interconnects. The company was founded to expand the use of MT style multifiber technology through...

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP - Precision Motion Control

PI is a leading manufacturer of precision motion, automation and positioning equipment, nanopositioning stages, air bearing systems, and motorized stages and actuators for photonics...

Vitex LLC

Vitex is a solution provider specializing in high speed transceivers 10G/25G/40G/100G/400G, fiber optic components ROSA and TOSA and passive optical components for telecom and...

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25G Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) Lab Buddy

The Discovery Semiconductors Inc. reference-free 1:1 Clock & Data Recovery (CDR) unit, included in the Lab Buddy, conveniently interfaces with the Bit Error Rate (BER) test...
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Whitepaper: A Very Small Form Factor, Multi-Row, Multi-Fiber Connector with Multi-Vendor Interoperability

The paper describes the design, performance, backwards compatibility, and supply chain maturity of a new, very small form factor (VSFF) multi-fiber interconnect variant of the...
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Whitepaper: A Novel, Low-loss, Multi-Fiber Connector Compatible with Reduced Coating Diameter Fiber

This paper examines the advantages of a new 165 m diameter fiber with a 125 m cladding diameter, and a new very small form factor multi-fiber connector with a miniature physical...
Mmc Connector Featured Product Copy

MMC Connector

The revolutionary MMC connector ushers in a new era of high density, low insertion loss connectivity by combining a new, reduced size, MT-style ferrule (TMT) with a novel very...
Mtp Directconec Featured

MTP® Connectors + DirectConec™ Push-Pull Boot

DirectConec™ push-pull technology enables the highest functional density in fiber cabling environments without the need for pull tabs or field tools. US Conec has now incorporated...
Direct Conec Plus Mmc And Mtp 5 2 2023

DirectConec™ Push-Pull System

Insertion and extraction of DirectConec™ optical connectors occur with a simple push or pull on a flexible and robust strain relief boot providing the highest functional density...
Mdc Connector Wave

MDC Connectors

This state-of-the-art connector design ushers in a new era in two fiber connectivity by bringing unmatched density, simple insertion/extraction, field configurability and optimal...
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Connector Components

Fast-Track™ MTP® Connector Solutions

US Conec's Fast-Track™ MTP® connector system is an innovative addition to the proven MTP® product portfolio for high fiber count, pre-engineered cabling applications. Fast-Track...
Mtp Pro New Connectors Black And Beige Keys Sm

MTP® PRO Connectors

The MTP® PRO connector is the newest addition to the US Conec MTP® brand MPO product family. This state-of-the-art connector brings simplified use to the MPO format by offering...
Shuttered Adapter

Shuttered Adapters

Shuttered Adapters for Enhanced Efficiency and Protection. SANWA’s shuttered adapters are not just functional but also designed to enhance user experience and workspace safety...
Quantifi Photonics Pol 1200
Polarization Controllers

Pol 1200 Series: High-Speed Polarization Controller

The 1200 Series Polarization Controller delivers extremely high speed automated polarization control for polarization dependent testing procedures in high-volume manufacturing...
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Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing Optical-Transmission Device Using Signal-Compensation Technique and Low-Bandwidth Optical Receivers

TECHNICAL REVIEW:In the 5th generation mobile fronthaul (5G-MFH), a wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) optical-transmission device is used to efficiently connect many remote...
Fig1: DSC-R421 Lab Buddy instrument.

Linear InGaAs Optical Receiver Lab Buddy with Automatic Gain Control up to 56 Gbaud

The DSC-R421 is a linear PIN + transimpedance amplifier that is primarily designed for 4-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM 4) and NRZ-ASK (PAM 2) modulation formats up to ...
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Space Qualified inGaAs Quad PD + TIA Photoreceivers

The Space Qualified InGaAs Quad PD + TIA Photoreceivers from Discovery Semiconductors Inc. offers a large active area diameter; small photodiode capacitance; small crosstalk between...
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MMC Connector Brochure

US Conec's MMC connector is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) multi-fiber optical connector designed for termination of single-mode and multimode fiber cables up to 2.5mm in diameter...
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MMC Connector: High Density Connectivity Revolution Unfolds

US Conec's revolutionary MMC Connector ushers in a new era of high density low insertion loss connectivity by combining the new TMT 16 fiber ferrule with the VSFF MDC duplex connector...
Mmc Connector

MMC Connector with TMT Ferrule Technology

The revolutionary MMC connector from US Conec introduces a new era of high-density, low insertion loss connectivity by combining the new TMT ferrule, a reduced size MT-style ferrule...
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SWIR InGaAs Photoreceivers for Space

Choose from 20+ different products for your Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) missions to LEO, GEO, Moon, Mars, and beyond, for applications such as Sensing, Optical Communications, RF...
Quantifi Photonics Iqrx 1005 O Band

O-Band Coherent Optical Receiver

Quantifi Photonics’ new IQRX-1005 model is the world’s first commercially-available coherent receiver to enable coherent signal testing in the O-band, a new frontier for coherent...
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Sanwa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. will change its name to SANWA Technologies Co., Ltd.

Sanwa Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) will change its name to SANWA Technologies Co., Ltd. to signify an expanded focus on the “Technology” aspects of its core optical communicatio...
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SANWA Technologies Expands Market Scope in the Middle East/North Africa Region and adds Further Product Offerings with the Acquisition of CopperOn Company MEA FZCO in Dubai

January 27, 2023 09:00 AM Central Standard Time Plano, TX, USA ― SANWA Technologies, Inc. (“SANWA Technologies”), a leader in technology and expertise for optical fiber connectivity...

Pluggable PLC Splitter

Developed to offer the easiest way to upgrade the number of channels in confined spaces, the SANWA Pluggable PLC Splitter with LC receptacle and MT ferrule will allow for saving...