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Connector Components

Fast-Track™ MTP® Connector Solutions

US Conec's Fast-Track™ MTP® connector system is an innovative addition to the proven MTP® product portfolio for high fiber count, pre-engineered cabling applications. Fast-Track...
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Connector Components

PRIZM® MT Ferrules

The PRIZM® MT ferrule expands on the detachable PRIZM® LightTurn® expanded beam Tx/Rx interface by taking multi-fiber lensed connectors to the equipment card-edge.
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Connector Components

US Conec’s New Singlemode Pre-Angled MT Ferrule Delivers Faster Process Time and Enhanced Performance

US Conec, a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnections, announces the immediate availability of singlemode pre-angled thermoplastic MT...
Standard Footprint Adapter
Connector Components

MTP® Brand Bulkhead and Specialty Adapters

Durable MTP® Adapters provide quick connection for up to 72 optical fibers. One piece design maximizes coupling strength while minimizing debris generation. Configurations available...
MT Ferrule (top view)
Connector Components

MT Ferrules

High density Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) based thermoplastic ferrules available with up to 72 fiber holes that terminate 125 micrometer optical fiber. Consistent optical performance...