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Specialty Fiber

Networking a Network with an Air-blown Infrastructure

An air-blown fiber installation is providing the Time Warner Center in New York City with a network that’s designed to adapt to emerging technologies. In one of the largest...
Specialty Fiber

FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® Solutions

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber® offers unprecedented ease of installation, flexibility, and cost savings for current and future network...
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Specialty Fiber

Optical fibers and optical fiber cables

What is an optical fiber?An optical fiber is made from glass that is as thin as a human hair. This high-performance medium can transmit optical signals over dozens of kilometers...
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Multimode Fiber

OFS Fiber Manufacturing

View the highly automated OFS manufacturing operation from the pure raw materials to our VAD preform fabrication process to fiber draw and final product testing.